Monday, January 08, 2007


This is MY word for 2007! RELAX! I feel clam already! LOL! Many of you have probably heard of Ali Edwards word challenge for 2007. If not she is challenges us all to come up with a word to live by in 2007! I am so excited about this. I mean it's only a word right? My all the excitement Breana? Well I'll tell ya. If I can really think, live and breathe the word RELAX I might just start to do just that RELAX! Reed would be so stoked! The girls and I probably would bash heads so much and hey me and my mom might just get a long a little better. Okay here's to hoping! :)

I am working on a little project so this word of mine is in my eyesight several times a day and I am jotting down ideas for a layout as well BUT I'm thinking I may be taking a trip to Michaels tomorrow for a water color book to create a art journal for this adventure!

If you haven't picked a word yet, well you should I have a feeling this is going to be one kick a$$ year b/c of Miss AE herself! Thanks for the inspiration Ali!!!