Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Soon To Be Named...

Matt (the new Papa) called tonight and said they are now calling the baby (STBN)Stabin...pronouciation not sure but it was cute they way he said it. Anyways they are in works on deciding but my vote is for Lola. Matt is working on that one I guess. :D I told him I didn't want to say my vote but he insisted I did so there it is. It in my opinion fits them. LOVE it. But honestly whatever they choose will be perfect and fit this BEAUTIFUL little angel. He sent us photos tonight and she is truely precious. I can not wait to meet this little angel and of course it brings back the baby fever, but Reed DO NOT worry. I will get over it! SERIOUSLY! I sat this b/c my loving adorable hubby annoyomously reads my blog. Love ya baby!

Anyways, Matt said they hope to change STBN to an actual name by tonight so we are all anxiously awaiting that email! I can't wait to meet ya Stabin!!! BTW I think it's pronounced Stabin! :D So cute!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Baby No Name...

SO excited!!! My cousin's had their baby tonight around 7pm! YAY! She weighed in at 6lbs 15oz and 20 inches and is now forever nicknamed "baby no name"! My cousin Matt, kept telling me that they were throwing around names, his wife Laurel told me a few of them, can't remember them AT ALL, they were so cute though...anyways he kept saying "we'll know as soon as we see HELLO, "baby no name." TOTALLY excited to find out what they pick, I already love her and am SO excited to see this little angel.

One of the first things Matt told my uncle was that she looks just like my Tata! So cute and sad at the same time. Makes me miss him more!

Hopefully I'll be back in the AM with a name! :D

Congrats Cuz...LOVE YA!!!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

I have the bestest friends...

everywhere! Thank you all for the support, thoughts, words, and also to those of you who just read this, think and pray for us! Totally appreciate it ALL!!!

Reed has put out some apps here in town and as we say what's meant ot be will happen. Just need to have patience and pray, honestly! We're doing great, had a great day together we went and say Fool's Gold totally theatre worthy! Loved it! We ordered chiense take out tonight and will probably just hand out like nerds, Reed reading Dragonlance Chronicles and me reading Digital Field Guidefor my new Nikon D40!!! WOO HOO! So excited about this and I don't even know how to use it! HA! Romantic right?! Love it!

And tomorrow Lisa comes to town!!! YIPPIE! Can't wait for a fun weekend with my favorite girl and my man!!!

Oh and Happy Valentine's Day!!!

The joy of young love...

after I last posted I mentioned I was going to help out in Rylee's class. I got to take two kids in the hall and play a "memory" game with them using their spelling words. When it came time for Rylee to come out with me I let her pick her partner and she picked Jordan or as she calls him "jordy!" all sweet and cute like. She was so funny while we were out there she was ALL smilies and giggles it was so cute. Last year she had a crush on this little boy Niko and this new crush is totally different she was to have a playdate with Jordy, she sits by him at lunch, it's crazy! She's 6!!!

So today Reed goes in to read to the class and Jordy comes up to Reed as says "Can Rylee and I have a playdate?" oh boy! I just don't know about these boy/girl playdates!

Another day this week when I was helping in the class Mrs.Hardt was moving the desks around b/c she does this like every week. Rylee and her friend Courtney were helping move the desks Mrs Hardt let them each got to pick one person to sit by so of course Rylee picks Jordy and Courtney picks a girl. (lucky brenda!) So while this is happening Mrs. Hardt is telling me that this is a love triangle Rylee and Jordy are in!!! WHAT! Again she's 6! I really pray this does not end in that drama at such a young age!!! Awww...the joy of YOUNG love!

Thursday, February 07, 2008

I can't get with it...

it's been two years this month since Reed got this job. And him leaving just doesn't get easier for me. I found out today that he's basically going to be gone for 3 weeks with one day home in between. NICE! It just kills me, I know it could be worse he could be off fighting a war for 4 months at a time. But he's not and this is my actual life and honestly it sucks! Of course it doesn't suck all the time, but right now in this venting moment of mine it does.

I wish I knew what to do to make it easier to just go on with life, enjoy him while he's here and then say goodbye when the time comes, but nope I can't do that. I fight, yell, and flip out like it's his fault. UGH! And then I cry for like 3 hours. It's real fun, I'm sure you wish you were here right now, right?! ;)

I know he hates it, he misses us just as much as we miss him, but then I think of it like how bad it could it really be for him. He's alone, eating out every night and not having to deal with the girls. But then he has to deal with his boss, the client, the fact that he is alone and then of course he worry's about his crazy emotional wife ALL the time. UGH! I just pray that soon I can figure this out. Figure out how to make this work, how to just deal like Reed tells me and enjoy the time we have.

When he was at his old job and I was prego with Rylee he had to travel a couple time during that 9 months and I remember saying "I am NOT going to be one of those wife’s whose husband travels all the time!" HA! I guess I deserve it right.

I'm hoping for today I’m over it, that I vented it's out for the world to read and now I can stop crying like a baby! I have him home for 10 more days so I pray that before that is up, I can get my emotions in check and figure this s**t out or else I’m going to drive everyone crazy and no one will be happy.

I am off to visit Rylee's classroom in a few so that should lift my sprits! here's to hoping...