Sunday, December 30, 2007

I love creating...

the last few days, weeks and even the last month has been INSANE for me. But tonight I sit here at my dads...creating. honestly, i just started about 15 minutes ago. painted the edges of two mini albums to start for my ACB designs and painted two journal notebooks with the help of miss rylee. and i have to say with just knowing what these little things become it makes me SUPER UBER happy. silly some may say but most of you know this creating thing ROCKS. so back to it I go...

Monday, November 05, 2007

Happy Birthday Nee Nee!!!

Awww, today my Neely Rae turned four! And I tears...well almost. When it was almost time to leave from Build A Bear I put the unstuffed bunny we bought her with the GC attached on my bed where we were getting ready, as she came back into my room she saw it and got SO excited. She started to run towards the box to hug it, she stopped mid run, turned to me and gave me a BIG squezze. SEE you would have shead a tear too!!! It was seriously one of the most precious moments every! Love that kid.

So then we headed to BAB, where she stuffed not only the bunny but a pink kitty too. Turned them into Snow White & Sleeping Beauty, got them extra clothes too and named the Kitty Julianna (after the girl who is on DWTS...seriously) and the bunny is non other then Neely! SO cute!

Next it was off to MCD's for her favortie lunch, along with a million other 4 year olds, chicken nugget happy meal. It was great too b/c 2 little friends were there to play with. BONUS!

Then it was time to go home a chill, until sister came home so we could then make a cookie cake ALL together and play with our bears. Yes Rylee got a new outfit too.

So now they're in bed and I have 5 days until yet another fun filled day of celebrated this precious beautiful baby we have!

I added more pictures for the day here.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Say hello to my little friend...

okay i have no idea where that came from but my BEAUTIFUL BEAST! Officaily named 'BB' or maybe BeeBee, can't decide anyways isn't she purdy!!!

So as most of you know I was in Florida last week, and while I was there I texted Reed & asked if him if he was having a good day. He texted back, yup buying you a new Tahoe! Um okay...really? And if you know Reed you know he is super implusive...well kinda, he thinks about it for a VERY long time, makes sure it is exactly what he wants and then out of NO WHERE he goes and buys whatever it is he has been thinking about for months on end! In this case my new Tahoe! WOO HOO lucky me! HA! So he also can't keep a secret but that is fine b/c it still was a total surprise and an awesome one at that! And I LOVE her!!!
And her BEST feature...remote start baby! Love that in this heat!!!

Tuesday, September 18, 2007


I was tagged by Liz...very creative tag too.

The rules...
You must list one fact that is somehow relevant to your life for each letter of your middle name. (If you don't have a middle name, use the middle name you would have liked to have had.) When you are tagged you need to write your own blog-post and then choose one person for each letter of your middle name to tag. Don't' forget to leave them a comment telling them they're tagged, and to read your blog.

M-Married/Momma...always wantd to be a mom, never really a career type person growing up just wanted to be married and be a momma!

A-Artistic (always wanted to be, never thought I could be...then came scrapbooking!)

R-Relax...this was suppose to be my word of the year, need to take it up again...i am however using my free days to do a lot more of this these days and it truly has made me a better/happier mommma and wife!

I-Intuitive...totaly mom thing, but I totaly love it. And it's also great for BFF's! :)

E-Emotional...reed would say too much, but what does he know! :)

I'm taggin...the Texas girls...Brandy, Heather and Rita

Friday, September 07, 2007

You asked the breed and Starlight is a....

Maltese, not sure if that's how you spell that though. She's adorable and had 2 other siblings. If Reed would have been in town i'm sure we would probably have her brother but I honestly an not ready for another dog and I think Kali and Lila would be a little peeved to have someone new around. And they are huge and she is not so that could have been trouble!

It's a GROOVY Crop!

It's a Scrap Groovin' Crop at AC Bailey Designs!!!

Are you ready to have some fun?? If so, come on by September 7th for an all day crop with a Groovy 60's theme. There will be lots of challenges, games and of course prizes! And feel free to join us anytime this week because we already have some fun contests happening!

AC Bailey Designs

We hope you come by and join in the fun!

Saturday, August 25, 2007

New family member...

My little sister got a new puppy today and she is one of the cutest puppies I have ever seen! Her name is Starlight and is like 2lbs. So cute!

Have a great Sunday!

Thursday, August 16, 2007

And she's off...

my baby girl started preschool today! The tears and freaking out I thought was bound to happen were MIA today! She was AWESOME, headed off to the playground and said "bye momma, love you" and that was that! Made me so sad and so happy at the same time! I'm off to pick her up in a bit, can't wait to hear how her day went! Here's a few photos from this morning. The last one is when daddy called to wish her a happy first day, she was so excited to talk to him...can you tell?

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Let's compare...

So Lisa's comment made me there really that much difference? I remembered we took a picture in the same place on the first day last year so let's see the difference shall we? here's the picture from last year...

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

it's kinda hard to tell, because she's not right in front of the door like last year. (Good lesson learned) But I think she's an inch or two taller maybe.

1st grade here she comes...

WOW! I can't believe my baby is in 1st grade! She was so cool and brave today. She did tell me she was a little scared & nervous but more excited. Hoped she made friends right away and knew lots of other kids. The drive to school was pretty quiet but when we turned on the street of her school she said in a very silly Rylee voice "it's getting closer!" and her excitement shinned through. We meet Claire right away and that made her feel great, then other friends joined her. We found the line for first grade, wasn't hard to miss with the big heart and mail box. I think we're going to LOVE Mrs. Hardt. She come out with a big loud "Welcome everyone!" it was awesome. Then off they went. Of course we followed and watched while Mrs. Hardt told them to take their backpacks to their desks, but Rylee didn't listen or didn't hear and sat in the back by the cubbies and dumped everything out while showing all her cool new supplies to her friends, then took all the to the wrong desk and put the backpack in her cubby. LOL! Mrs. Hardt nicely showed her the right desk and off we went! I'm sure she had a great day and can't wait to her all about it. I miss her so much today, only 3 hours and one minute until pick up! I'm sure me counting down the hours to her return won't last long but it's the first day back and i MISS HER!!!

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Monday, July 23, 2007


Not even sure that's how you spell that. But I think my kid watches too much Spongebob!

Neely comes in here (the scraproom) and says "Barnacles (20 second pause) who turned off the light?"

This kid cracks me up. She picks up everything and I mean everything we say or the TV says! It's pretty bad. But I needed the laugh and didn't want to forget this so I did what Heather would do and blogged it!

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Yet, another tag...

these are some fun if you haven't done them yet consider yourself TAGGED!

What were you doing ten years ago?
It was probably one of the best summer's of my teen age years...out of high school, away from everyone I didn't want to hang out with. Hanging out with people only I wanted to hang with, it was awesome. There was just a few of us maybe 8 maybe 10 we were together almost everyday for about 2 months, just being kids out of school. Not caring about college or our parents, just having fun. Not bad fun either, it was cool. Sad part is I only talk to 2 of those people, but that really doesn't make me sad, people grow apart go different ways in life and that's that. I'm just happy that I had the time(s) we did together.

Five snacks you enjoy:

popcorn ,m&ms & tabasco (yup all mixed up)
ice cream
chip & salsa
tortillas with butter
a nice cold brewskie (is that a snack?)

Five songs you know all the lyrics to:

TLC, No Scrubs
Trisha Yearwood, She's in Love with the Boy
Lisa Loeb, I Do
And Lots from Mr. Hotness himself, John Mayer of course!

Things you would do if you were a millionaire:
I would pay off all debt, of ours and my dad's. Buy us a FAT A$$ house with everything I could ever dream of, in the best neighborhood in Tucson. Set money aside for the girls of course. And then I would love to go back to school, so I would need to have someone come in and cook meals for the family so I didn't have to waste time with that. OR if we had lots of millions, I'd tell Reed to quit his job and we'd send him to the BEST culinary school EVER. And we'd have to go with him of course b/c it would probably be in Europe somewhere or NYC so we'd need FAT house there too. And then I would hope I would do something awesome for others, like Brandy, I would love to do something for young girls...along the same lines as planned parenthood or something. Or maybe do a lot of habitat for hunanity, think that's an awesome program as well. So that's what I would do.

Five bad habits:
I leave water cups everywhere!
I watch WAY too much TV
I don't know when to stop eating (lovely huh)
I spend way too much time on my computer
I always have to talk on the phone while I drive, gotta stop that I know!

Five things you like to do:
hang out the couch with Reed (when he's home)
chat with reed (when he's not home)
go on date's with reed (do you think I miss him)
watch movies and play board games with the girls.

Things you will never wear again:
those horrible shirt tie holder things, you know they were a circle and a bar in the middle and you tucked the corner of your shirt in the circle, i know you know what i'm talking about.
jeans with the bottomes folded over and up. you know what i mean.
jellies shoes...yuck, saw some in the store a few weeks ago...ewwww

Things I love to wear:
Flip Flops
my black gauchos
jeans and comfy cute sweaters in the winter
my big hair clip

Now don't forget you're IT!

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Very excited...

I am offically back on the AC Bailey Design Team! YAY! I took a short break and am now back and ready to roll! WOO HOO! I can't wait to get my new goodies, well after I pick them. BUt I already know what i'm getting'!

So excited for another reason too...we're adding another DT member. That's right Erica is on the hunt for another awesome designer. Here is ALL the info you will need...can't wait to see what you awesome scrappers bring! Good Luck everyone!

AC Bailey Designs ( is adding to its Design Team again! We want 1, maybe 2, talented, motivated, enthusiastic designers. We are looking for scrapbookers who are not afraid to use the latest products and techniques and are willing to share their expertise and knowledge in the craft.

What are we looking for?
Talented, motivated, enthusiastic scrapbookers, stampers and paper craft designers. Those individuals who are willing to share new ideas and techniques with our customers and subscribers. Positive and outgoing personalities. Those who are willing to help promote and grow our online community and store and direct sales business.

What will you do?

You will be asked for a 6 month commitment and agree to submit projects by the 1st of every month following the shipment date.
You will be required to create two layouts no smaller than 8"x8" and one other small project of your choice per month using supplies we provide and upload it to our online gallery (additional projects encouraged!)
For each project you create you will be required to submit basic instructions and a complete supply list that can be used in the project section of our monthly newsletter and on the project page of our site at our discretion. (You will always be credited for all projects and designs)
You will be required to promote AC Bailey Designs and include our DT membership and link information in your signature line of all the online communities and galleries you are active in where allowed.
You will be required to be visible and active on our message board and be willing to post a daily assignment on the board in rotation with the other DT members.
If selected you will be required to provide a picture and short bio for our DT member page on our website.
You agree that AC Bailey Designs will have exclusive rights to all projects for one month.
All projects submitted for contests and publication will credit AC Bailey Designs as the supply sponsor.

What you get! (The good stuff!)

You will be provided with a $30 gift certificate to the store to purchase whatever supplies you want to create the required layout and projects each month during your DT term. Anything you don't use is yours to keep!
You will get a 25% store discount that can be used anytime and as often as you like!
You will get credit for all your designs, projects and work submitted to us!
Your work will be publicized in our newsletter, on our site, and in advertising for our company and community.
Your photo and bio will be featured on our DT page of our site and you will have your own gallery in our online community.

How to Apply
Please upload 4-5 projects into our online Gallery at These must include 1 layout about yourself showcasing your personality and scrap style, 2 other layouts and at least 1 other project of your choice.

You must also be a registered member of our forum with an average of 25 posts a week started with the date you apply.

Also submit the following to name and full contact information, list of current DT memberships, links to any online galleries that you submit to and message boards or communities that you are active in (please include your board name), if you have an online gallery, please provide the link. List of any or all publications (when and where) and answers to the following questions:
How long have you been scrapping?
What product can you not live without?
How would you describe your scrap style?
Are you afraid to step out of your box?
What would you like to get out of this experience?
How is your scrap space? Messy or organized?
What can you bring to our store, community and customers?

Call will run from July 16th thru August 10th. Decisions will be made by August 13th, with your first shipment of supplies being sent Aug. 25th. You first assignments will then be due Oct. 1st. (All dates are tentative based on response.) Thank you! Good Luck! And we look forward to hearing from you!

such a FANTASTIC thing to wake up to...

yeah, right! ugh. some people seriously. is shooting at other peoples cars/trucks whatever really that fun?! really! so far i know we're the 2nd people who got hit on our street. sucks.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

7 random things...

So I've been tagged but since I'm pretty sure every who reads this has been tagged I'm just going to do it for the FUN of it!

1. I can pick up things with my toes & I can't do a cartwheel either! I'm telling you girls, we should start a club! ;)

2. I was the editor of my high school yearbook, can you believe that. Miss TYPO queen was an editor! HA!

3. Some of you know this but my favorite snack is popcorn, M&Ms and tabasco sause all mixed up! YUM-O!

4. I have one sister and she's 21 years younger then me! And 2 months older then my oldest daughter!

5. I hava baby fever! YIKES! AGAIN! Nothing will happen, Reed is so not having another baby. I'm still on the IUD. We have NOTHING left from Nee Nee, but I really really want a baby. Honestly I think it's just the thought of a new baby but when I really think about the early feeding, late feeding, lack of sleep. It's not all that appealing but it's a baby and I am determined the next one with have my hair! I know silly reason for a baby!

6. I am a salt freak. I know heart attack waiting to happen. Seriouly trying really hard to cut back and it is so hard, but the girls are starting to notice my horrible habit so it's kinda getting easier just for that. My mom was/is the same way with salt, not that it's her fault but you watch and see for 18 years you're bound to pick it up. LOL. So here it is...salt is getting cut back! :)

7. I'm going back to school! YIKES! Went today to take the assesments (another post) and to get the requirments for the degrees i'm thinking of. Actually it's all pretty exciting! :)

Monday, July 02, 2007

Application is Everything...

So in my defense I swear I applied generously all over his back. But obviously the photo shows different. Also this was after an entire day apent at the beach AND the pool. I think I forgot to reapply though. Opps. Sorry Reed!

BTW...the girls have NO reddness anywhere. Good Momma! ;)

PS...i'm back to blogging baby!

Thursday, April 05, 2007

New Do's for the girls...

Well Rylee just got a trim and Neely got a few inches cut off. So over due for that little girl! So I just wanted to share some pictures from today!

I don't know how to fix them from being sideways! Sorry...

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

10 years...

10 years. Tagged by Lisa and Shannon. And since I'm a copy cat I TAG all you who read this!

WOW, really 10 years. I don't feel like it's been 10 years. A great 10 years might I add. Beware I HATED high school!

1.Who was your best friend? Didn't really have a BFF in High School, one of my closest friends didn't go to my school but we've been friends since 6th grade and still are. So I'll say her...Amber.

2. What kind of car did you drive? Okay, so embarrassing...first one I got on my 16th birthday (it was a Chevy cavalier), that lasted um one day. Then a couple weeks later I got a 89 Toyota Camry, that lasted until after high school until it went ka put!

3. It’s Friday night, where were you? Depends what year, Jr...not doing good things. Hanging with the bad crowd. Sr. year at the BF house just hanging out. I swear!

4. Were you a party animal? read above. ;)

5. Were you considered a flirt? depends who you ask, I'm afraid.

6. Ever skip school? I plead the 5th.

7. Were you a nerd? again depends who you ask.

8. Did you get suspended/expelled? my sophomore year I got suspended twice b/c my shorts were too short. UGH. Hate private schools. My mom was so PISSED!

9. Can you sing the fight song? there's a fight song?

10. Who was your Favorite teacher? Miss. Riddle. She was my art, advanced art, stage and set & yearbook teacher. Yes I had all those classes my Sr. wait just the last three.

11. Favorite class? art & yearbook

12. School mascot? Crusaders...don't even get me started.

13. Did you go to Prom? Not my own. I went my Jr year to another school's prom.

14. If you could go back and do it over, would you? Like Shannon said, if I could go with what I know now. Maybe. I can't say for sure.

15. What do you remember most about graduation? Not crying b/c I was so happy it was finally over. Seriously, hated high school.

16. Who was your high school sweetheart? didn't have one. Dated here and there but no high school sweetheart here.

17. Where were you on senior skip day? I can't remember if we had one, and if we did I think it was a planned even for us all.

18. Did you have a job your Senior year? Yes, but honestly I can't remember where right now. I had so many jobs between 15 and 18 it's sad. Chuck E Cheeses was Jr year & I think Mervyns was after HS but I can't remember what was between! UGH. I'll have to ask my mom.

19. Where did you go most often for lunch? the lunch room.

20. Have you gained weight since then? YUP. Two babies, of course but it's been 3 years since #2 and I'm still using that as an excuse! Hey, I'm trying to lose it.

21. What did you do after graduation? Went to the community college and worked at Mervyns.

22. When did you graduate? 1997!

23. Who was your Senior prom date? didn't go.

24. Are you going to your 10yr class reunion? If I have a say NO. But Amber will be there, she married a guy I went to school with and they'll go, but I can see her anytime. There are 2 great friends I miss a lot and would love to see, but if they don't go I'll be mad if I do. But then again if I don't go and they do then I'll be mad. I'm screwed.

25. Who was your home room teacher? Mrs. Oh crap I forgot her name too. Geez I am getting old. It's started with a V though. It's right there too. Damn!

See this whole High School thing is stressing me out. LOL!


Today you turn's hard to believe six years ago I just in the hospital waiting your arrival with daddy. We we're so scared and excited. Didn't know if we were fit to be parents at 22 but knew we could do it! Well it's six years later today and you are a beautiful, smart, fun little girl! Exactly what I wished for on that day! I'm so happy to be your mom & love you so much!

Love you. Momma.

So when you work up this morning I gave you your present from daddy & I. I knew you would love it, but seeing you still excited even though I think you knew what it was was cool! You have a such a big sweet heart! I love you!

Thursday, March 15, 2007


OMGOSH, So I was just finishing up my last post 2 seconds ago and Rylee's is over there on the other chair playing on her laptop and Nee Nee starts to bug her by touching the keys and Rylee says " Stop it, Sissy had a VERY hard day at school today. Stop messing with me?" Are you kidding me! A very hard day at school. SO I said Rylee how come you had a hard day and she says "because Maddy wouldn't share the jump rope!" CRACK UP!!!

I just had to share, that was too cute!

So FREAKING happy!!!

He's coming home tonight!

SERIOUSLY I'm so excited I feel like a little school girl! It's kinda funny! But I don't care b/c I LOVE hime & just miss him and can't wait to KISS him!!! Sorry, but it's true!!! I still have to clean up the house a bit, but not much & I plan on getting all pretty pretty and wearing jeans and some cute heels he loves! I know what a DORK right?!

Then we're going to go over to my cousin's Scott & Janelle's house...Little Grant's parents to hang out with Janelle's sis before she leaves tomorrow! SHould be a nice chill night! And my hubby will be there!!! I'm so going to take a bunch of cheesy pics of Reed & I tonight!

Off to get my rear in gear!

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Can you believe it...2 post in one day!

Even in the same hour! YAY ME!!! LOL!

Okay so I'll get right to it! At Treasures to Scrap we are having a FANTASTIC FUN LUCKY contest this month & we want YOU to come and play! There are some AWESOME prizes to be given BUT most importantly it is an amazing site with AWESOME talent and you will have a BLAST! So come join the fun!

Here's are the rules and what nots...

WE are going to search for coins this month to fill up our buckets on the way to the
end of the rainbow... Fill your bucket with as many coins as you can and the one with the most will win at the end of the month.

1st place: GDT for April and a $25 gift certificate to TTS online store
2nd place: a $15 gift certificate to TTS online store
3rd place: a $10 gift certificate to TTS online store
all projects and layouts must be new to the web to qualify.

How to collect coins:

20 comments in gallery = 1 coin post your count that you are starting at in your point total at the beginning of the month.
add your layout to the praise game of the week = 1 coin
10 forum posts = 1 coin post your count that you are starting at in your point total at the beginning of the month.
do a layout using a sponsor product = 5 coins
scraplift a member = 5 coins
make a layout inspired by the newsletter = 15 coins
post your favorite LOTD on a weekend (Saturday or Sunday) with a link to it at the TTS gallery = 1 coin
Challenges by DT (randomly given throughout the month) 10 coins
make sure to link your layouts and coins back to your original challenge thread...

All projects must be turned in by March 31 midnight your time...

AND your's truely will be posting a FAB ad challenge this Thursday some come check it our FORSURE!

I can't believe it's March!

Okay so I'm 13th day's late but this is a crazy month. Baby Grant just turned one! OMGOSH I can't believe how cute he is! And big OMGOSH!!! It's crazy a entire year has gone by! Needless to say we had a weekend full of fun celebrating this little man! Own of our cousin's from Cali came into town and she has two little guys the girls age so we had a BLAST and so did they! But with all that fun happening of course something bad had to happen...okay not that bad. Sounded a bit worse. But Neely started acting a bit crabby Sunday night and Monday AND today so we went to the doctor and she now as a ear infection! FUN! My poor baby! Luckily we got it quick and she's already feeling better! YAY! We've been cooped up in this house since Sunday and I'm about to so CRAZY!!! Hopefully we can head to the park for a bit in the AM and relax in the nice cool sun for awhile before it gets 90 at noon!

Which brings we to that! What is that! It's March not May!!! And we're already at 90?! I'm so scared for the summer!

So now i'm going to post some fun photos of the little man who turned ONE! And lastly I wanted to say HI to my Reed! I LOVE you and MISS you SO SO SO much baby!!! Can't wait for you to come home!!! I love you!!!

Okay enough of that...onto the pics!

I don't know what's going on but in 2 different thingys'(that's the tech term) ;) I mean in Safari & Firefox neither are letting me upload photos! UGH!!! Any help would be appreciated! THX!

Friday, February 02, 2007

Happy Anniversary Baby!!!

Reed and I married 6 years ago! I can't believe it, to some that's not that long, my Nana & Tata would have been married for 59 before he passed away! I hope and pray we make it that long. I know we will though! My mom's watching the girls tonight so we can go to dinner and Brandy & Heather's favorite place! The Melting Pot!!! Every time I hear something about foundue I think of you two! Maybe one day we'll go together how fun would that be! So off to get ready just wanted to wish myself and Reed a Happy Anniversary!!! And share this card I made for him, I'm so happy with the way it came out! I love ya baby!!! I got the sketch from Becky Fleck Love that site!!!

Monday, January 08, 2007


This is MY word for 2007! RELAX! I feel clam already! LOL! Many of you have probably heard of Ali Edwards word challenge for 2007. If not she is challenges us all to come up with a word to live by in 2007! I am so excited about this. I mean it's only a word right? My all the excitement Breana? Well I'll tell ya. If I can really think, live and breathe the word RELAX I might just start to do just that RELAX! Reed would be so stoked! The girls and I probably would bash heads so much and hey me and my mom might just get a long a little better. Okay here's to hoping! :)

I am working on a little project so this word of mine is in my eyesight several times a day and I am jotting down ideas for a layout as well BUT I'm thinking I may be taking a trip to Michaels tomorrow for a water color book to create a art journal for this adventure!

If you haven't picked a word yet, well you should I have a feeling this is going to be one kick a$$ year b/c of Miss AE herself! Thanks for the inspiration Ali!!!