Monday, November 05, 2007

Happy Birthday Nee Nee!!!

Awww, today my Neely Rae turned four! And I tears...well almost. When it was almost time to leave from Build A Bear I put the unstuffed bunny we bought her with the GC attached on my bed where we were getting ready, as she came back into my room she saw it and got SO excited. She started to run towards the box to hug it, she stopped mid run, turned to me and gave me a BIG squezze. SEE you would have shead a tear too!!! It was seriously one of the most precious moments every! Love that kid.

So then we headed to BAB, where she stuffed not only the bunny but a pink kitty too. Turned them into Snow White & Sleeping Beauty, got them extra clothes too and named the Kitty Julianna (after the girl who is on DWTS...seriously) and the bunny is non other then Neely! SO cute!

Next it was off to MCD's for her favortie lunch, along with a million other 4 year olds, chicken nugget happy meal. It was great too b/c 2 little friends were there to play with. BONUS!

Then it was time to go home a chill, until sister came home so we could then make a cookie cake ALL together and play with our bears. Yes Rylee got a new outfit too.

So now they're in bed and I have 5 days until yet another fun filled day of celebrated this precious beautiful baby we have!

I added more pictures for the day here.