Monday, January 28, 2008

Not much to update...

i'm tired, exhusted really. i chose a word...believe. but i think i may just stick with all three b/c honestly my life could use help in all three of those areas. i created a layout about the word believe though, it's over at my layout blog.

the girls and i watched gameplan tonight. it was super cute, we all really enjoyed it. but at one point it made neely really sad and she started crying b/c she missed her daddy. sad. but we'll call him in the AM and she'll be all good. i hope.

sorry such a lame post but i felt the need to post something, anything. oh and i posted a ton of new creations, some old some new on the scrap blog too.

Sunday, January 06, 2008

This is what being a momma is all about... i surprised rylee with tickets to the stage show of high school musical, she was so excited. we went with two friends from school and had an amazing time. she really could not have been sweeter today. she ended up sitting with her friends in the row in front of us and half way through the first act she wanted to sit with me but we couldn't switch seats just yet so she wanted to hold my hand! awwww! that alone was enough to make me cry! then after intermission she asked to sit on my lap, then when she sat next to me all she wanted to do was hug me and put her arms around me. it was exactly what i needed. lately i have been feeling like we just don't mesh and today she really showed me that even though we butt heads...A LOT! I'm still her momma and she's still my baby girl and we fit. the joy i felt today was amazing. i love that girls, she rocks! here's a few photos from our sweet day...

Saturday, January 05, 2008

Words Words Words...

words...they say a lot don't they and I think they have hidden meaning as well. I was catching up on Ali E's blog just a bit ago and was not suprised when I came across the yearly WORD post. I tried doing this last year but did not succed. Just didn't focus on it as much as I wanted/should have. I really want to do more with my word this year but it seems coming up with a word is much harder this go around. Right now i'm playing with a few...grow, believe, and focus. Reed thinks I should go with relax again, but i'm feeling these 3 words much more at this moment in my life.

I want to grow as a woman, friend, mother, scrapbooker and artist. Grow in all realationships and grow into ME, if that makes sense. Really figure out who I am as a 28 year old chick. I would to grow into the woman God has indtended I become. Grow.

I want to believe in myself, belive that my kids will make good choices and that they will believe in themselves. I want to believe that I am living my life to the fulliest and living up to my full potiental. Believe.

I want to focus on what is most important. Leave all the crap behind and not dwell on it. Focus on my girls, Reed and our little family. Focus on my friends and those relationships that will only get stronger with focusing on them. I want to focus on my relationship with God and where my life should be going. Focus.

I plan to sleep on this, think on it, maybe dwell on it a bit because I really want to Grow, believe and focus on the right word that will help me thoughout 2008!