Wednesday, May 31, 2006


I am beside myself right now I can't believe it! I'm so freaking excited! Okay let me slow down. Jamie told us that she would post the newletter between midnight and 6am...newletter has the list of the NEW Design Team members. Well I was sound asleep until 12:38am when my crazy dogs started barking like maniacs! Anyways, I thought what the heck, i'll just check. Nope not a stalker! ;) SO there is was the list and MY name was on it!!! All my friends from KNK where right, it will happen when it's meant to be!!! Thanks for supporting me girlies!!! So I guess maybe I should tell ya which Design Team i'm on...Treasures to scrap! So go check it out it's a FANTASTIC group and such a FUN place!!!

So stinking excited I had to share before I went back to bed!

Tracy and Wendi (sorry about previous post!)...I can't THANK YOU enough!!! I can't wait for all the excitment to begin!!!

Okay I better go back it bed, seeing how it's 1:11am!!! Nighty Nite!!!

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

TTS Blog challenge

Post recent favortie photo. I took this and like 100 other of Neely the other morning while we were all playing a game. The faces this girl makes CRACK ME UP!!!

Monday, May 29, 2006

I know I know...

it's been awhile. I've been trying to keep really busy lately to keep my mind off applying for this DT I want it really bad! (not sure if I'm allowed to say who it is). Not sure why I wouldn't be able to, but just in case! I joined the MB last Monday and I can't stay away! Everyone is AWESOME there and it's really been like home! It's so cool! That has got to be my favorite thing about this hobby...We have so many opportunities to make so many amazing friends! Everyone is very helpful and encouraging it's awesome! Some of the girls there are really into digi scrappin and I have to tell you I've never really though much about digi scrappin until this site, I mean holy cow these gals ROCK at it!!! Made me very interested. I still don't think I could ever get into it 1. I don't have the patience to really learn photoshop 2. I love getting my hands on all the amazing products out there and 3. What would I do with all my stuff now??? So YES I want to try it, I downloaded some free kits last night, went through some tutorials and so we'll see. Hopefully sometime this week I can sit down and really get into it. Reed said he'd help me too so that's cool!

I've been scrappin A LOT this week too, it's been fun! All those Layout's are here. I really need to get in gear and start working on my rolodex cards and my circle journal for my track at CKU but I've just been in the groove I don't want to loose it! LOL!

Well we're headed over to my cousin's Scott & Janelle's in a bit for some fun in the sun so Happy Memorial Day everyone!!!

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

My baby's getting so big!!!

Rylee and Mrs. Corbin
Rylee outside our house before we left, I just had to get a cute shot of the outfit! While blinding her at the same time...sorry baby!
Rylee and Momma
Rylee and Alison
Rylee and Mrs. Wysopal
So today was Rylee's promotion from preschool! It was so cute, but made me so sad at the same time. I can't believe she's already going to be in kindergarden!!! Reed asked if I wanted to have her continue at the school during the summer and I said nope I want to have her ALL summer, because now that's all i'm going to get!!! I am just going to try very hard to make the best of it. I know we'll have our little tiffs now and then, but I want to remember this as a very special time. I hope all our summers can be that way, a time for the girls and I to really connect! I know what a cheese ball!!! So onto the pics...

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Just a quick post...

i'm so tired not sure what's wrong with me. Last night I went to be early, set the alarm for 6 am, trying ot beat Neely up. I just couldn't get up this morning, noticed Neely was still alseep so I went for it and turned off the alarm. Neely didn't wake me up until 8 was AWESOME! I don't remember the last time I got to sleep until 8! But the thing is i've been tired/lazy all day, did some exersice too so i'm not sure what's up with me. We went to my Nana's after Karate and stayed way too late, but the girls had a blast playing with Alana and Janelle.

Well, I gotto hit the sack, it's an early day baby is having her preschool promotion (graduation) tomorrow! I can't belive she's going to be in Kindergarden in less then 3 months! :(

Untill then...

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Where did the day go???

I can't believe it's 10pm and I'm just now getting to my BLOG! UGH! Today was a good day, but VERY busy. Neely is doing AWESOME with the PT. She only had one accident at the house and then we went to Kohls, she went there and then I didn't hurry fast enough to get here there in time the 2nd time. But while at home, she went by herself. She ROCKS!

I started 'swapping' out the brads...WOWSA...Confusing a bit! LOL! So glad I decided to do it while Neely was napping, could you imagine? YIKES, lets not go there! LOL!

So today's BLOG challenge is...Do you excerise? And if so what do you do, and if not why and what would motivate you to do so.

My first reaction, are you really asking me this. Do you know something? LOL! Yes I do, has it been regular lately...NOPE! Two weeks ago I started walking at a near by park, I would go before the girls woke up, while Reed was home of course. And then Neely decided to wake up before me...GO BACK TO BED!!! LOL! So my goal is to just start my Firm tapes again, since I can't walk with them...too long. Hopefully Neely will go back to waking up around 7:30 instead of 5:45! And I like my Firm tapes so no big deal!

Well I'm about to pass out...nite all!

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Another Wednesday Morning...

Okay I'm not sure I'm going to get use to this, Neely has been waking up earlier and earlier every day this week. Today it was 5:45. I'm so not going to get use to this! I've been trying to get up at 6am so that I can have some "me" time before they wake up and it worked most of last week. But she's not letting me this week. And to top it off her afternoon naps are getting shorter!!! YIKES! But the good thing is that she's going to bed A LOT easier now!

Yesterday potty training was pretty good, she had a couple of accidents, but NONE on my couches so that was AWESOME! We had to take Rylee to Karate yesterday and I asked Neely to go potty before we left, she couldn't. So we got there and I took her, still couldn't go. Then she asked to try while were there and still nothing. So I thought for sure she would go on the way home in her pull up. NOPE. We got home and she went right away! So proud!

So most of you know I've been applying to DTs and you know what...It's really really hard to keep caught up on all these MB's. Am I suppose to be active with each from the moment I apply until I get on the DT or do you not become a MB member until you get on the DT? I don't know the "rules". SO I'm trying and it's hard and I'm getting freaked out that that my ruin my chances! I hope not. So I'm just going to keep trying.

SO speaking of other MB's I was at Treasured Scrapbooking this morning and they have BLOG challenges. How cool is that! So here's today's...

List 5 things that you like to do other then scrapbooking...

1. Reading...which is funny b/c I use to HATE to read. Now I can't get enough. I love funny books and self help the best I think. I'm a nerd! LOL! I also really dig the Stephanie Plum novels, but I'm having a hard time getting caught up with those! Only on # 5. Right now I'm reading Scale Down and still trying to finish Encyclopedia of an Ordinary life.

2. Playing with my girls. Seeing the way they learn through playing is amazing! I love to see how excited they get when they become "Belle" while dressing up, or seeing Neely get super excited when we build her a house with legos. They crack me up!

3. Watching movies with Reed, what can I say I love hanging out with him.

4. Hanging out with my Nana. She's the most amazing woman I know and I LOVE just talking to her.

5. Watching TV. I just LOVE TV. Some would say too much, but it makes me happy. After a crazy day there's nothing like watching those crazy reality TV stars and all their drama!!!

So there it is! Until next time...

Monday, May 15, 2006

And we have progress...

HOLY MOLY, you have no idea how happy I am! After all that, she went on the potty!!! Just now! It's 8:42am! So I put on Bear's Potty Time movie and she's dancing around to the songs...around her potty chair that is. Yes in the living room. Is that okay? So anyways, she's dancing around and then all of a sudden is sits down, on the potty and goes! WOO HOO! I know the rest of the day will be full of ups & down, well probably the next couple months but at least now I know she does get it!!! I'm so excited!

Already having fun...

yeah not really! So most of you know I am starting to potty train Neely this week. She woke up at 6:30am! Must have known today was going to be an adventure. So we put painties on her, go to the potty about every 10 minutes. Making sure sippy cup is always full. I keep telling her "tell momma when you need to go potty" I keep asking her "Nee Nee you need to go potty" and I keep say "okay lets got try" so after who knows how many walks into the bathroom she has an big deal I tell myself. I get a new pair of panties, take her to the bathroom again. She goes to watch TV and yup she pees on the floor. Okay what's going on. A new pair again. And then she goes AGAIN. What's going on here. We were just in the bathroom. And you just went. Still not freaking out. Well only in my head that is. I don't know what i'm doing wrong. I need advice. All Reed says is maybe she's not ready! She' 2 and a half years old...30 months. She has to be ready, right? I need help...anyone? KNK is down, I have no other commnication, I may be losing it here and it's only 8:12am!!!

Sunday, May 14, 2006

Happy Mother's Day to you...

Well for me it was a GREAT day! I got to sleep in...well I got to try to anyways! It seems everytime I get a chance I can't sleep. And well it SUCKS! So Reed got up with the girls, which is a very once in a blue moon thing! Thank goodness for Mother's Day! So I get up had a uninterupted shower...heavenly! Come to the kitchen where breakfast is being made! YUMMY! Egg and a round thing with sausage and coffee oh and grapes. What more can a girl ask for! I mentioned last night that I wanted to take pictures of the day. And Reed had the camera out had already taken pictures of what had happened so far...getting the food ready, the girls making cards, me walking in. It was perfect! Lisa says I trained him well! LMAO! I try. So after breakfast and a trip to Target, Reed told me to get me *&$# in the scraproom and make a lyout of today. So I did. Here it is...

Well she came and went...

In the last post I mentioned my mom was coming over for dinner. We she came and went. After a nice size fight that is! So I did a layout of our relationship or lack there of and I feel pretty good about it. Just wrote about how I feel, and what I see. I like it. Very happy with the outcome. Not sure what exactly I'm going to do with the layout, if I'm actually going to put it in my BOM (book of me). I plan on saving it of course, and I have no intention of hiding it from the girls. Just not sure I would like it to "get around" right now. My family tends to talk! Like who's doesn't! So if you haven't seen and would like to here is the LO.

Friday, May 12, 2006

Did ya miss me???

I know ya did! LMAO!!!

OMGOSH I have no idea where this week went! I've been so crazy busy and I'm not sure I like. Remember my scrap goals? I want to get on a DT or be published well I've been applying for DTs and HOLY MOLY it's a lot of work! But I'm lovin it! Just crossing my toes. I really don't like the rejection but hey who does! All part of the process I guess. I have like 4 more to get out this month and then a few more next month. Hoping the calls keep coming...up my chances! LOL! And then there's still CKU...oh boy! I'm super excited thought it's getting so close!

So I just wanted to drop a line. It's Reed birthday today so we're going to order our fave pizza and hang out. My parents are coming over...don't ask! LOL! And then we'll probably watch movies or something!

Have a great one everyone!

Friday, May 05, 2006

So much for 'me' scrappin time...

so the day was GREAT no drama's or anything. Then 6pm rolls around and HOLY MOLY! Rylee comes in here and stands on this rubbermaid bucket thing she has full of scrap stuff and is leaning on my table (it's like a card table but rectangle) and then next thing I know she's on the ground (on her back) and the table is laying on her forehead! HOLY CRAP!!! I have NEVER seen a bump/bruise appear so freaking fast! She's totally freaking and so am I while TRYING to remain calm. I get her ice and call the emergency # for her dr. A nurse finally calls back asks a million and 2 ?s which is totally fine, i want to know what to do. She she said she thinks she'll be fine but her concern was the weight of the table. And says I should take her in...oh boy. Well I get ready to take Neely to my Nana's before heading to the hospital and Rylee is like her old self (happy, laughing, everything). We get inside her house and she's perfect, still has a bump and bruise but no weird signs. So I didn't end up taking her, my Nana took us for Chinese instead! LOL! So we just got home, the girls are already out and needless to say I'm pooped! In the pic the bruise is right under my thumb, kinda hard to see.

And then to add to all of this, Reed's flight out of NY was an hour and 40 minutes late, so he missed his fight out of Chicago to Phx! Yeah he's MAD!!! So he got to fly out of Chicago a bit ago and has to go to LA and won't be able to fly into Phx until 7:30am!!! Up super MAD!!! What a day!!!

Not so stressed...

anymore. YAY! I have been feeling completly over whelmed the last few days with everything i have on my plate besides my normal mother/wife duties. The list of things to do other than the norm is slowing getting smaller! Double YAY! I volunterred to put together the gifts from the games from my cousin's baby shower tomorrow. And I'm finally done! YAY, again! I made 2 paint can's filled with 'movie night' themed stuff, like a Blockbuster GC, candy and popcorn. I also finished the paint can for their gift! You've guessed it...another YAY! So glad those are done!

Now I still have some major stuff to do for CKU, I want to scrap...scrap a REAL LO! Not for a call or for a CJ but for me! So that's the plan for tonight! I'm going to scrap! Since tomorrow is NSD and I won't be able to scrap unless it's way earlier in the AM...Reed's coming home tomorrow! WOO HOO!!! The inlaws are bringing him since they're coming for Rylee's dance recital Sunday and his plane doesn't come in until late tonight. So now I don't have to drive 2 hours with 2 little ones at 7pm! I get to SCRAP!!!

Well off to pick up Rylee, but I also wanted to share the paint can's with ya! BTW, the CMS paint can says baby Morales.

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

much better afternoon

i fell like i got a good amount of stuff done since i last typed this morning. the house was picked up as much as possible before we left to my last MOPS leadership meeting of the year. Gonna miss you girls! Then home for lunch and a little more pick up. UGH! How messy a house with 2 little girls and 2 pups can get!

DUring Nee Nee's nap I started working on some little give aways for our last MOPS meeting. We have a TON of drawings for all the moms, so I made a couple frames and a couple note books for a couple give aways. Didn't think I would finish them but I did! WOO HOO! Rylee of course had to make a frame too, luckily I had just one extra! She has her own stash of CS, PP and other stuff and said she wasn't liking the paper she picked, so I looked at her and said "Well you can pick from Momma's stash this time" and she stopped right in her little 5 year tracks and said "ARE YOU SERIOUS!" yup just like that! I just started laughing, not sure what to think of her reaction that I would actually let her use a piece of my PERICOUS PP! And wouldn't you know it she of course picked a PP from my fave KI! She has good taste! ;) Girl cracks me up!

Here's a pick of our creations...

I'm tired...

I went to bed about 10pm last night, woke up at 6am. That was a good amount of sleep but I'm laggin bad this morning. Sitting here drinking my coffee, trying to get lists going for the day and I'm not doing so good. UGH! Hope it's not a sign for the rest of the day.

I was MIA for a few days due to being in Pinetop and Chandler and let me tell you I'm so so glad to be home! The girls had a blast, and of course so did I but there's really no place like home! Thanks Dorothy! ;)

I'm off to try again! Wish my luck!