Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Invite for a friend that i'm making for her

Here's the first "draft" Judy! Let me know what ya like and don't like!


WOO HOO we got curtains for the family room and scraproom/office! Two rooms is better then none! We've been in the house for almost 4 months, so it's about time! LOL!

You may have noticed I changed the scraproom name to /office, well Reed's working from home now!!! This is a GREAT thing! So he set up his space this weekend. It's a little cramped, but it's so good to have him home all the time and the girls and puppies LOVE it.

The workouts and eating right is still going pretty good 7 lbs down! Lately I've been pretty tired I have no idea why and NO I'm not pregnant! LOL! So it's been a little tough to get in those workouts and the puppies are making it a little difficult, they just want to be where ever you are no matter what you're doing! That's puppies I guess!

Well off to get ready for the day!

Monday, January 16, 2006

Good weekend

first entry

cover of album
Overall it was a great weekend! Friday we hung out and did nothing, Reed worked on his computer and I scrapped, no surprise there! My scrapping goal are easily coming along, not too sure if I'll be able to scrap as much as I have been so far this year, but at least I have a great start! Saturday we cleaned up around the house, I started exercising again. Going to really to it this time. I ran a mile to get the blood pumping and then I did the Firm video. I really do love that video, it's so fun! Hard but fun. The puppies had their first shots Saturday afternoon along with a check up and everything with them looks great! WOO HOO! Healthy pups! Saturday night I scrapped more while Reed finished up on his computer then we hung out and watched Red Eye. Just my opinion but I thought is was stupid, wanted it to be better I love that chick! Sunday, couldn't believe it Reed let me sleep in! WOO HOO! Anyone who knows Reed knows sleeping is his vice, has to have it or else! LOL! Well it was his turn to get up with the pups and instead of dealing with them and coming back to bed, he handled our girls too! I was so excited when I woke up and it was 10:30! This doesn't EVER happen for me and let me tell you I loved every bit of it! So the rest of the day was playing games with Rylee, taking care and cuddling poor sick Neely and playing with the pups. Then last night I came in here and decided if I was really going to pull off this losing weight I needed something to keep track, so what did I do. I made an album! LOL! I hope to make a new page entry every week with progress.

Well time to start the day!

Saturday, January 14, 2006

Busy Busy Busy

Well this week just flew by! Four kids is a whole lot of work even if 2 of them are puppies! We're all having so much fun with the new kids though! They seem to be adjusting very well which is awesome! They have there first set of shots this afternoon, I'm trying to find a way I can convince Reed to take them alone, not sure if I can handle that.

Rylee's asthma got worse this week and now has to be on singular so that's a bummer but at least this will hopefully control it. Then right as Rylee starts feeling better Neely starts with a fever and cough! UGH! Yesterday I even think I heard some wheezing, I sure hope it wasn't though.

I've managed to work out this week but eating hasn't been so great! That is going to change as of right now though. I started to work on my Book of Us this morning and was searching for older pictures of Reed and I and I came across this picture of me in a tight tank top and my arms were skinny and I didn't look ridiculous in the waist either! So I'm putting that pick on my fridge NOW and hopefully this will help me get back into gear! I know I should base my goal on what I looked like 6 years ago and before 2 kids, but have you seen Kelly Ripa? Three kids and holy moly she looks amazing! I know she has lots of money to pay people to help her, but I know I can do it! Maybe not look exactly like I did in the picture but lets aim of close!

We'll see how the eating goes today! Just need to remember food will be there tomorrow!!!

Monday, January 09, 2006


So this was one BUSY weekend! We have an addition to the family...please welcome Lila and Kali! We just got them on Saturday and the girls are LOVIN' them and of course so are we! So far everything is going great, but it sure is like having a newborn in the house! But it's so worth it!

So other then the new little puppies, I have been busy trying to catch up on scrapping! I finally finished October 2005 today! WOO HOO! I think I'm going to take a break for the actual yearly album and start on our new house album. Should be LOTS of fun!

The workouts are going pretty good, actually managed to get one in today believe it or not with being home alone for the first time with 4 kids! LOL! It's like 4 kids I'm sure! Eating wasn't too bad either except for the brownie! I need to get them out of the house!

Well I'm sure I'll be up a couple time tonight so I'm off to hit the sack!

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Finally better...

Since New Years Eve when the cold decided to come! Great timing HUH!?! Not really!!!
But today was a much better day so that was awesome!

Didn't do much except the norm, hang out with the girls, read a million and one books while we re organized their book shelf, watched Nemo yet again! And did some household chores.

I did however manage to do some fun stuff in the scrap room, I hung up some new little cube things, hung up some more picture frames on some book shelves and altered things I made and that friends have made me. And I started 2 new projects, an altered candle and a canvas full of family pictures. Hope to post pics soon!

Well off to work more on the canvas!