Thursday, July 27, 2006

Half way done...

with the girls room. I got up the border yesterday and the canvas' so that is cool! I love the way it all looks too! So cute! I'm waiting on the Making Memories 8 inch letters to come in to the LSS so i can put their names above their beds. Who knows how long that order is going to take though, guess theirs a long wait. UGH! Oh well. And then I just need to finish the shelves and hopefully that will be it for awhile. We'll see though! lol!

Here's the pics...
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Have a lot to do today so I better get going...

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

It's official ...

and it sucks! I'm no longer able to post at KNK! :( I had to cancel my monthly scrapbook club due to $$$ issues and I know it's the right thing to do but it still sucks! Already having boodle withdrawals! Miss you guys!

Sunday I decided I wanted to do some new decorating in the girls room, went to Michaels picked up a couple shelves, lots of paint and lots of little wooden shapes, sunglasses and flowers! I painted yesterday for like 4 hours and I'm almost ready to start hanging things up! YAY! It's going to look so cute when I finish! I also picked up these canvas things to hang on their walls. I gave each of the girls their own canvas and they put their hand prints all over, with a space left in the middle for their picture! They turned out so cute!

I'm totally dragging today so I better get moving, lots to do before dinner with Reed's boss tonight and then another party at the cousins again! WOO HOO!

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

I've been Tagged!!!

I got tagged by Di from the TTS Design Team

7 people that I admire
- my Hubby
- my Daddy
- my grandparents
- my Nana
- my free, loving & lovable I just pray they KEEP these qualities!
- Scrappers, Boodles, the girls over at TTS, Ali E, Cathy Z, Elise, and everyone else who scraps to share there love of family & friends or for any reason!!!
- John Mayer & Jack Johnson...amazing guitar players!

7 things I say often
- Stupid dogs! I know maybe mean, but holy moly!!!
- No Jumping...yes to my dogs!
- are you kidding me???
- Oh boy I'm going to be in trouble...when looking at the new stuff coming out!
- I'm scrappin...when asked what I'm doing by someone who calls, seems I'm always scrappin when the phone rings
- are you crazy?
- I love you...I tend to say that A LOT!

7 things I cannot do
- WINK! I know I know, how do I not know how...well I can't!
- talk quietly, I can't help it I'm a LOUD chick!
- drive without talking on the phone, no not all the time but I can not make on car trip without at least one phone call.
- spend less then $20 at the lss, I'm lucky I finally got it down to $20!
- watch Spongbob all the way through...makes me CRAZY!!!
- go a day without doing laundry, at least one load a day it seems and I hate it!
- go to bed without putting loition on my feet.

7 things you might not know about me
- I got burned by an iron on my left hand when I was 7 months old
- I have vitiligo (not too serious just losing pigment and my eyebrow color!!! YIKES) good thing there's make-up! lol!)
- I like food WAY too much!
- I am always trying to lose weight!
- I am obsessed with John Mayer and Jack Johnson
- I don't really like cartoons, but I can handle the movies.
- I LOVE scrappin...okay you knew that one, but I couldn't think of another! lol!

7 movies I enjoyed
- The Wedding Planner
- Pearl Harbor...amazing flick!
- Billy Madison (most Adam Sandler movies ROCK!)
- How to lose a guy in 10 days
- 10 things I hate about you!
- White Water Summer...super old but so cool!
- Brother Bear...I LOVE that one!

7 things I wish I could change in my life
- my being totally unoriginized!
- my memory
- my clumsiness
- I tend to ramble I lot, but I don't mind...but don't ask my hubby! lol!
- I'm a bit emotional...a bit! LMAO!
- I wish I was more handy with house stuff
- I wish I was a better eater.

7 books I have read and would read again
- All the shopoholic books
- undomestic goddess
- the left behind series...haven't even gotten all the way through yet
- CZ the first one
- the notebook
- I haven't finished yet but I'm sure the CZ the sequel I'll read again
- and I haven't gotten it yet but I'm sure I'll read the new Ali book a lot.

7 people who should do this!
- Lisa
- Brandy
- Heather
- Jaime
- Kelly
- Shannon
- Tiffany

yes I tagged ALL boodles!!!

tag you're it!

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

YAY! Reed's home!

So Reed was in Dubai for the past 9 days and he's finally home and I couldn't be happier! Seems that the girls LOVE to torture me while he's gone with being mean to each other, not listening to me and taking 2 hours to get to sleep! Nothing works with them and bedtime when I'm alone it sucks! Any hints? So he's still asleep and it's 2pm, but with the 11 hour time change I expected this. We stayed up late last night, looking at the FEW pictures he took and just catching up with each other that was nice. We might take the girls to Peter Piper Pizza tonight and just chill!
So while he was gone I did a lot of scrappin that you can see here I made a mini album from a couple weeks ago in the DW calendar, a few actual pages, I put ALL the pictures from CKU in the paper bag album Lisa made me for Christmas. I Love the way it turned out! AND the BIG one I FINISHED MY A WEEK IN THE LIFE ALBUM!!! YAY!!! Man, that feels so good to have finally finished it! This is my new favorite album I LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!! I hope do to it next year on the same week! I tried to upload the pictures but haven't had much luck so those will be coming soon! Well gotta run, bye...

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

new addition to my room

so my dad made me this cool shelf along with my awesome paint shelf a long time ago, but I never knew what to do with this second one so I finally realized I could store my stamps on it! YAY! I'm hoping I may start to use them now. Wishful thinking I know! ;) I've also wanted a peg board to hang recently purchased items (you know the ones you see and HAVE to buy, but end up thrown in a drawer and never used.) yeah I'm talking about those items. So I bought one, painted it, added some corners to it with the HS masks and it's cute (if I do say so myself) ;)! Okay enough chatting here it is...

Sunday, July 02, 2006

Happy Birthday Carter!!!

The whole family showed up at Chuck E Cheeses today to celebrate Carter turning 5! WOO HOO!!! Of course all the kiddos had a BLAST!
So this isn't the best picture, but it's kinda hard when all the kids are rockin' out on stage with Chuck E Cheese! Carter had a blast!!! So fun to watch all of them! And as for the adults, we were all waiting patiently for what was to come afterwards...seafood feast at Deb's! WOO HOO!!!
Knowing my family and the way my aunt and uncles are with food I was expecting A LOT and of course for it to be so very tasty, but HOLY MOLY!!! I would have NEVER excepted a feast like this... And under all those onions and potatoes is shrimp, clams and more shrimp!!! I couldn't believe the spread! I sure wish I would have taken an after picture though, it's amazing that 30-35 people ate ALL that food! AMAZING I tell ya! So anyways I just had to show that picture, couldn't believe it! I hope it becomes a tradtion!
So I'm super tired, have a good night nite!