Sunday, July 24, 2005


Well it's been a couple of days, but they were all good, just CRAZY BUSY!!!

Today has been pretty good too!

Breakfast was 5 pts

Lunch was 4

Dinner unknown at present time! LOL!

Thursday, July 21, 2005

Day 7!!! Woo Hoo One week down!

So far today has been pretty great!

Breakfast same old again...cereal and coffee (6 points)

WORKOUT - the tread at 4.0 for 30 minutes with a few interuptions by wonderful little girls! LOL!

Lunch - can of tuna with a little mayo ( 5 points) and carrots ( 0 points)

Total = 11
Left for the day = 13

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Dinner is done!

Grilled cheese sandwich (3 point) with 1 cup tomato soup (3 points).

Total = 6 points
Total left for day = 6 points

Lunch time

Today I had a lean hot pocket (4 points) and some pretzels (2 points). Nothing exciting!

Total 6 points!

Day 6

I woke up early today since we will be going to the library today and I know if I don't workout before I shower and try to wait until later, it WONT happen! I have had this beginners yoga DVD FOREVER so I decided to do that today. Spice things up a bit. LOL! And it wasn't easy. I did upper and lower body for about 50 minutes, but I feel good and I am sure it will get easier if keep doing it!

Breakfast - same old same old

cereal (3 points) & coffee (3 points).

Total = 6 points
18 points left for the day.

Tuesday, July 19, 2005


It's getting a little tough to plan my personal dinners since it's nearing the end of the week and our food is slowing disappearing. When I did the grocery shopping 2 weeks ago, WW was not in my head so that too is making it difficult. So anyways, dinner tonight was...

beer battered fish filet (3 points), cream style corn 1/2 cup (2 points), 1 cup cantalope (1 point).

I'm sure a popcorn snack is in the near future, but my total for the day so far is 20 points. Which is awesome left overs for my snack! Woo Hoo.

Hope tomorrow goes just as well!

Todays workout

Again the tread, this time I did 2 different trainer programs that are on the tread one was 30 minutes with incline to 6.0 and speed to 5.0 the second was 20 minutes with incline to 8.0 and speed to 4.0. Total distance was 2.53 and 45 minutes total.

Snack light n fit yogurt (1 point).

Day 5

Today is going much better then yesterday as for as being crazy and hectic. Today is the complete opposite and I love it! Rylee and I have been hangin out together all day and it's great.

Breakfast cereal (3 points) coffee (3 points).

Total 6 points

Lunch tuna sandwich (4 points) carrot sticks (0 points) 1 cup cherries (1 point).

Total 5 points

Todays total 11 points, not to shabby. Leaves me with 13 for a snack and dinner!

Monday, July 18, 2005

woo hoo chores are done!!!

So all my chores are done! Yippie! I worked out! Same as Saturday.

Lunch was tuna sandwich with just to good mayo (4 points) and carrot sticks (0 points).

Total = 4 points
Total for the day = 10 points

Day 4 - Monday again!

Well it's been a day since I posted b/c Saturday night. Holy Moly party city!!! We had a blast! I still tried to eat good and not totally over indulge but I probably ate more then I should have. But it's a new day!

Yesterday was pretty good too, to tired and hurting to really want to eat anything and I wasn't going to workout on Sunday anyways so no biggie there.

So on to today...
I'm still tired, but I'm up had my 3 point cereal and am now having a cup of coffee (another 3 points) LOVE my creamer!

Monday's here are also cleaning day so it will be a busy one for us. I plan to workout after I have cleaned the bathrooms and the floors. SO hopefully that still works out!

Total = 6 points

Saturday, July 16, 2005

today's workout

I hit the tread once agina, this will hopefully be a daily thing.

Today was a 5 minute warm up, 25 minute run at 4.0 and a 5 minute cool down. Distance was 2.16 and 35 minutes total.

I'm feeling so much better!

Day 2!

Overall I think yesterday went pretty good. It was a little tough to not sneak a few of Rylee's M&M's after dinner but I didn't. They are my fave, but if this is going to work NO M&M's for me! LOL!

So it's morning again and just finished breakfast I had a yogurt (1 point, light & fit with fiber), 1 cup cherries (1 point) and 1 waffle (2 points).

Total for the AM = 4 points

Friday, July 15, 2005

The day is about over!

Reed made dinner tonight and that was wonderful b/c I got a break!!! Woo Hoo!

We had chicken and stuffing BUT I had a chicken breast NO stuffing (4 points), green beans
( 0 points) and a slice of toast (1 point).

Total = 5 point dinner! Not too bad! Sor far it's 9pm and i'm doing great!

Oh and i did have a snack this afternoon too, but just carrot sticks! again zero points! Man why did I ever quit WW again? LOL!

Okay but I must admit it is Friday and I have had a few Corona's BUT they are LIGHT! BUT still 2 points each. And i've had 4 so that's 8 points! YIKES!

So really my total is 13 points WHICH means I went over!!! Ahhh!

It's cool though it's friday! LOL!

lunch time is over!

Oh man by 11am I was STARVING!!! But I waited until noon to eat! I had a can of tuna (4 points) with a tbsp of just too good mayo (less then 1/2 point) with some baby carrots (0 poits) and about 10 pretzel sticks (1 point). And i'm feeling good! Hope it lasts! LOL!

Total for lunch = 5 1/2 points.

Left for the day = 12.5 points

I can handle that! Just NO beer! That's going to be the hardest part! LOL! It is friday you know.

Day one!

Well really I started last night, but officially I'm going to say today! I woke up about 6ish stretched with Rylee, had a yogurt smoothie (2 points) hooked Rylee up with some cereal and fruit and cartoons then headed for the tread. I did a 5 minute warm up and then bumped it up to 4.0 for 5 minutes, then up to 4.5 for 20 minutes then a cool down at 3.0 for 5 minutes.

I felt pretty good too. I forgot how good working out could make up feel. I hit the shower and then went to have some breakfast. I had 3 egg whites (1 point) with a half of cheese slice (1/2 point) 1 slice of ham (less them 1 point) 1 cup of fruit (1 point) and a slice of plain toast (1 point).

Total of 6 points. Points for the entire day should be 24. So I have 18 to go! Yikes! I hope I can make this work!