Thursday, March 30, 2006

Thanks Lisa!!!

Notice anything different??? I added a great BLOGS sorry if I forgot did not mean to! And I added my boyfriend to the page too! Gotta love the boy and his guitar! Well at least I do!

So I guess I'm not as HUGE as a fas of ole Johnny boy as I thought. Turns at he and the John Mayer Trio we be at the Tempe Music Festival this Saturday!!! I swear last time I check their tour dates it said NOTHING about being in AZ and I SO would have planned to go! But of course we can't b/c Reed has to leave the house at 8am Sunday to fly out! UGH! Now why couldn't he have flown out of Phx this time!!! ;) I tried every senerio in my head for us to be able to go and the only one would be for me to go ALONE...yeah not happening! If I had some girlies to go with...maybe. BUT Reed would probably not like that since he's leaving for a few days! Oh well, I'll have to catch up with him next time! I'll miss you JM!!!

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Here it is...

I finished the cover for my planner last night and am VERY happy with it! Thanks for checking it out. In case you can't read it, it's a little hard to see the title is...these R my days.

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Progress report...

LOL! Maybe you were curious maybe not, but I have accomplished something with my planner! YAY! I mangaed to get all the pages printed and cut and hole punched! WOO HOO! AND I put it all together well with the spirl that is! So now comes the fun part...creating! YAY! Super excited about that part, but what scrapper wouldn't be? So I can't start now...Rylee has Karate and then I"ll have to start dinner and the night time routine, but you better believe once those girls are all tucked in it's back to work! Can't wait!

I don't even know where the...

day went yesterday! We all woke up about 7ish, I started laundry and breakfast then picked up the house. And it was already did that happen. Then we played a Cinderella game while listening to Jack Johnson's Japan Live DVD. My girls ROCK! They love him, it so cool! Rylee told me she likes him more the John Mayer...not so sure about that Rylee! LOL! After a couple games, more laundry and then the girls played outside with the pups while I worked out. Nothing like having a huge sliding glass door right across from where I workout so I can keep am eye on them and they are out of my too. After that it was polly pocket time, OMG those pieces are so freaking glad Nee Nee is out of the putting things in her mouth stage. Then lunch and Neely's naptime. The day is half gone and I couldn't believe it. Rylee and I made a pretty cool bracelet for her with the new Polly Pocket bead set she picked out for her bday.

Then I got to start on my planner I decided to make. Neely woke up and they watched Chicken Little while I stared at my table. I feel like it's been YEARS since I've tried to scrap anything. So needless to say I got nothing done. I can't figure out how I want to make the pages, if I should use all white or all black cardstock since I'm using the Organized KI line either would go and then embellish each page with matching PP's and other stuff. OR should I use a bunch of different colors of match KI cardstock and waste a lot of CS since I would have to cut down each 12x12 to 8.5x8? Please help me! Pathetic I know. Once I figure that out I know how I'm going to do each page but it's just getting there is the problem. I'm using this book from eksuccess. They do have paper sets and embellishments to go with it so I don't have to cut and punch my own but OMGOSH the KI organized line is too perfect for a planner. So if any of my AMAZING scrapper friends have any helpful hints on the inside pages I would be VERY grateful! THANKS GIRLS!

So after starting at that and not getting anywhere it was time to make dinner I bought this orange chicken stir fry meal and dumped out the chicken and holy moly there was like 5 pieces! GEEZZZ!!! So then I had to grill more chicken next time buy 2 packages. Then we hung out read stories and watched Wife swap. I swear every time we watch this show the families (mainly husbands and wives) get more crazy! Did anyone watch this last night? The gal for New Jersey...okay really what in the heck do you do every day??? I don't get it? Oh well. And the other more, I really liked her. Of course I could do without all the tats and streched out ears but she was a pretty cool chick!

So then it's bed time and again I'm SUPER excited to start on my planner again thinking I'm really going to get somewhere this time...yeah NOPE! Maybe today will be a little more productive with the planner. We saw see...

Sunday, March 26, 2006

Whew...we made it through another party!

I can't believe my baby is 5!!! OMGOSH the time sure flies by. Well the celebrations are officially over as of last night and yes I"m happy about that! More then happy actually. Three "parties" in one week was a little much for my blood. It started Tuesday (her actual birthday) with my dad and our cousins from Colorado. It was very nice to have them all here and Rylee had a BLAST! Then Thursday was her school party and then yesterday was the big da do with the entire family. I'm so glad it's over...did I mention that yet? Her favorite gifts were the crazy card kit from Joshua & Allison and the Scrap kit she picked herself with $$$ she received! Yup she's the daughter of a scrapper! LOL! I'll post her first creations once they are created. ;)

Friday, March 24, 2006

My classes for CKU

Album track: Ali Edwards...a week in the life

Friday classes

"Home" Chip and Flip Album
Encyclopedia of Alterations Vol. 4

Saturday classes

A Perfect Match
Color on the Surface
The New Rules of Distress

Campus Crop on Thursday!

I am so freaking excited I can't stand it!!!

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

CKU San Jose here I come!!!

OMGOSH finally registered and ready to go! Well kinda I still have until June, but yeah I'm registered and I got all my first choices and so did Lisa!!! I don't think we could be happier! I can't wait we are going to have a blast!!!

Monday, March 20, 2006

A long time waiting!

So most of you know we've lived in this house for almost 6 months. And we have NEVER been able to park in the garage. We keep saying we'll 'plan' a weekend to do it and it hadn't happened yet. So my dad comes down Sunday to just hang out and I wake up Monday (today) and he's outside with the saw, i thought he was just fixing our counter for the laundry room. So I end up going out to the garage and find him making shelfs for the garage. He said he came out to the garage to have a smoke and there was NO place to even stand so he was SICK of it and went to home depot! Yes, my dad is a general contractor! So here's the end result and I LOVE it! And yes my Tahoe is in the garage now! WOO HOO!!!

Friday, March 17, 2006

Home sweet Home

I made these board for our kitchen area, our keys and the dog leashes will hang on it. The 'HOME' letters above are paper mache letters.

OMGOSH so far this has been my favorite class. I've only taken 3 and LOVED them all but this one I got the most out of and had the most fun with! I am seriously addicted to these boards and plan to make many more for gifts and maybe a couple more for our house too! They are SUPER easy and not pricey at all!

Pictures of the room finally!

I still need/want to add a few things the the walls, but from now this is the "new" room. The girls LOVE it!

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Kindergarden Round up!

Oh boy this morning we went to Kindergarden round up for Rylee this morning and OMGOSH i'm so not ready for her to be in kindergarden!!! She may be turning 5 in 6 days but she's still my BABY!!! It was exciting to start this new adventure today but sad too! Now the first day of school i probably won't even be able to type after dropping her off but at least I have 5 months before that happens!

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Did ya miss me???

I know I know I've been MIA for quite sometime lately but things have just been CRAZY here! Last week Neely was sick, then Reed got strep on Wednesday...crap! Friday he was better so we hung out watched movies. Saturday our friends came over and we hung out ALL day AND night and just got silly! It was a blast! They have 2 boys about the same age as the girls so it was awesome for them too! Sunday I woke up with a bit of a sore throat and ended up sleeping most of the day. Finally after waking up at 3ish we decided to go eat at one of our FAVE resturants...Buffalo Wild Wings! Then we headed over to Target and the girls ended up getting new bed sets for the new big girl beds. Pics to be posted later...

So now we're at Monday (yesterday) woke up and OMG it hurt to freaking drink/swallow water! CRAP!!! Call the doc...nothing, wait a few hours call again...NOTHING! Call again and talk to receptionist and I can't get in until 8:30 today! UGH!

Now we're at today...i'm back from the doc and i'm in BED!!! YUP i've got strep!!!!!!!!! OMGOSH this sucks so bad! My MIL came in today to spend time with the girls so i'm getting a break from them which is wonderful! I LOVE you girls! I'm so nervous Nee Nee is going to get it though b/c she's always RIGHTINMYFACE (get it) LOL!

So that's it all you've missed! If i ever get out of bed i'll post a new picture of the girls room it looks so darn cute!

Thanks for missin me! ;)