Thursday, March 30, 2006

Thanks Lisa!!!

Notice anything different??? I added a great BLOGS sorry if I forgot did not mean to! And I added my boyfriend to the page too! Gotta love the boy and his guitar! Well at least I do!

So I guess I'm not as HUGE as a fas of ole Johnny boy as I thought. Turns at he and the John Mayer Trio we be at the Tempe Music Festival this Saturday!!! I swear last time I check their tour dates it said NOTHING about being in AZ and I SO would have planned to go! But of course we can't b/c Reed has to leave the house at 8am Sunday to fly out! UGH! Now why couldn't he have flown out of Phx this time!!! ;) I tried every senerio in my head for us to be able to go and the only one would be for me to go ALONE...yeah not happening! If I had some girlies to go with...maybe. BUT Reed would probably not like that since he's leaving for a few days! Oh well, I'll have to catch up with him next time! I'll miss you JM!!!


Lisa said...

Anytime chica! That's what friends who know just a little about html are for!! ;)

shannon said...

i <3 john too!