Thursday, April 06, 2006

Here's my new toy!!!

OMGOSH besides the fact that my last Epson was awful, I am so pleased with them as a company. They totally hooked me up. Most of you now about the trama I had with my last printer as of Monday they said they would hook me up with a new one, after my tansfers and me not being satisfied, but always being polite. I got it today! Talk about speddy service. So here's the new beauty! It's a different model too, so hopefully that's a good thing. Stinks b/c I just bought all new ink for Costco and it's doesn't work with this printer BUT I called Epson and if I send them back, they will send me the ones that do work! WOO HOO! Very pleased with this company! That's it for now! Have a great one everyone!


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Looks awesome, let us know how it works!