Sunday, July 02, 2006

Happy Birthday Carter!!!

The whole family showed up at Chuck E Cheeses today to celebrate Carter turning 5! WOO HOO!!! Of course all the kiddos had a BLAST!
So this isn't the best picture, but it's kinda hard when all the kids are rockin' out on stage with Chuck E Cheese! Carter had a blast!!! So fun to watch all of them! And as for the adults, we were all waiting patiently for what was to come afterwards...seafood feast at Deb's! WOO HOO!!!
Knowing my family and the way my aunt and uncles are with food I was expecting A LOT and of course for it to be so very tasty, but HOLY MOLY!!! I would have NEVER excepted a feast like this... And under all those onions and potatoes is shrimp, clams and more shrimp!!! I couldn't believe the spread! I sure wish I would have taken an after picture though, it's amazing that 30-35 people ate ALL that food! AMAZING I tell ya! So anyways I just had to show that picture, couldn't believe it! I hope it becomes a tradtion!
So I'm super tired, have a good night nite!


shannon said...

sounds like a great day!

Jaime said...

HOLY MOLY that IS a lot of food!

Kache said...

What a cool way to spread the food!
Always loved the Chuck E. Cheese scene

Brandy said...

I still would go to Chuck E Cheese, though we had Showbiz Pizza when I was a kid. Same thing. Love me some skee ball