Tuesday, July 18, 2006

I've been Tagged!!!

I got tagged by Di from the TTS Design Team

7 people that I admire
- my Hubby
- my Daddy
- my grandparents
- my Nana
- my girls...so free, loving & lovable I just pray they KEEP these qualities!
- Scrappers, Boodles, the girls over at TTS, Ali E, Cathy Z, Elise, and everyone else who scraps to share there love of family & friends or for any reason!!!
- John Mayer & Jack Johnson...amazing guitar players!

7 things I say often
- Stupid dogs! I know maybe mean, but holy moly!!!
- No Jumping...yes to my dogs!
- are you kidding me???
- Oh boy I'm going to be in trouble...when looking at the new stuff coming out!
- I'm scrappin...when asked what I'm doing by someone who calls, seems I'm always scrappin when the phone rings
- are you crazy?
- I love you...I tend to say that A LOT!

7 things I cannot do
- WINK! I know I know, how do I not know how...well I can't!
- talk quietly, I can't help it I'm a LOUD chick!
- drive without talking on the phone, no not all the time but I can not make on car trip without at least one phone call.
- spend less then $20 at the lss, I'm lucky I finally got it down to $20!
- watch Spongbob all the way through...makes me CRAZY!!!
- go a day without doing laundry, at least one load a day it seems and I hate it!
- go to bed without putting loition on my feet.

7 things you might not know about me
- I got burned by an iron on my left hand when I was 7 months old
- I have vitiligo (not too serious just losing pigment and my eyebrow color!!! YIKES) good thing there's make-up! lol!)
- I like food WAY too much!
- I am always trying to lose weight!
- I am obsessed with John Mayer and Jack Johnson
- I don't really like cartoons, but I can handle the movies.
- I LOVE scrappin...okay you knew that one, but I couldn't think of another! lol!

7 movies I enjoyed
- The Wedding Planner
- Pearl Harbor...amazing flick!
- Billy Madison (most Adam Sandler movies ROCK!)
- How to lose a guy in 10 days
- 10 things I hate about you!
- White Water Summer...super old but so cool!
- Brother Bear...I LOVE that one!

7 things I wish I could change in my life
- my being totally unoriginized!
- my memory
- my clumsiness
- I tend to ramble I lot, but I don't mind...but don't ask my hubby! lol!
- I'm a bit emotional...a bit! LMAO!
- I wish I was more handy with house stuff
- I wish I was a better eater.

7 books I have read and would read again
- All the shopoholic books
- undomestic goddess
- the left behind series...haven't even gotten all the way through yet
- CZ the first one
- the notebook
- I haven't finished yet but I'm sure the CZ the sequel I'll read again
- and I haven't gotten it yet but I'm sure I'll read the new Ali book a lot.

7 people who should do this!
- Lisa
- Brandy
- Heather
- Jaime
- Kelly
- Shannon
- Tiffany

yes I tagged ALL boodles!!!

tag you're it!


shannon said...

oy. tagged. will do. fun list!

Brandy said...

I did it on mine now. I read Left Behind because I want to be prepared to accept Jesus as my savior before he returns. I have had the one LB book where Jesus comes back though, and still haven't read it. I read the others though. When the people disappear, that is my cue. Hopefully I will not die when all the planes come crashing down from the sky

Tracey said...

Like the list you came up with and you forg ot me when you tagged :(

KJ said...

Yeah, what Shan said. Can I do it on Friday?! LOL...I just posted twice today. That's like a month's quota for me! Just kiddin'!

Heather said...

oy! I'm just seeing this- I'll get on it ma'am! :)

blogaccount54 said...

Greets to the webmaster of this wonderful site. Keep working. Thank you.