Friday, August 04, 2006

It's Friday YAY!

We're hanging out at the in laws today. got here on wednesday and we've been doing nothing since then. lol. my MIL, the girls and I went to a beauty and the beast play yesterday at the local diner theatre. it was fun but OMG Rylee can you PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE listen to your mother! UGH! That girl, i think being spoiled by grandma for the past 5 days has really done a number on you girl! but we're taking her home tomorrow to train her back to normal! lol! i do have to say we are very thanful to have such involved grandparents, since we all know MY MOM isn't liek that. robin (MIL) asked if Rylee could come up for a week to hang out and go school shopping, so she totally hooked her up! YAY for grandmas! SHe got TONS of cute clothes, 3 pairs of shoes, a new purse and lots of cute rings and necklaces. The saw 3 movies too...yes she is the spoiled one. Speaking of movies Rylee and I are going to see Barnyard today, should be pretty funny. Hope so, hope she listens, hope we have fun together! lol! Reed and I might also get to go on a date tonight too...WOO HOO! hope ya all have a great weekend!


Kache said...

Sounds like a nice relaxing time, hope the movie's a good one!

shannon said...

oh, do give a review! that movie looks cute!

Brandy said...

It is the weekend, how could it not be great?