Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Disneyland day one...

Okay so this serisouly was the BEST family vaca we have ever had. And maybe that was b/c we were ALL able to really get something out of the trip and ALL enjoy it. We started the morning off with breakfast w/ Lilo & Stitch...so cool! So many characters were there it was an awesome way to get the day started. We decided we were going to go down Main St. go left and then go around the park that way, one ride/show at a time, no skipping all around going back and forth. It actaully worked too. Go figure! HA! The tiki room was a fave, the hanuted house...not so much but hey they went on it! Rylee and I did Splash Mt. how I got her on that I have NO idea! She's so brave! Neely saw Pooh and was in HEAVEN!!! I didn't think she was ever going to let go it was too cute! We ended the night a bit early with a few Fantayland rides done...they have way too many there BTW! ANd of course we had to see the parade...I have NEVER had one of the girls on my shoulders before and let me tell ya it was so NOT fun! Lets just say we ended up and a resturant in Downtown Disney and Reed and I polished off 2 bottles of yummy wine! My shoulders felt much better after that. Then we did some fun shopping, we each got some kick a$$ watches, the girls got some PJs and I got my new Tinker Bell coffee tumbler! WOO HOO...now for the pics...
the fam with Stitch
Neely LOVES Pooh...can ya tell? And where's Rylee? Mad at the world b/c of Pooh I guess! HA!
Okay I'm done, no food just let me sleep!
Some nice lady took a pic of us...thanks lady!
The best picture these girlies have taken in FOREVA! And look Nee Nee is looking at the camera! WOW!Yup very much needed at this point!
She's way too big for my shoulders!

So there yo have it in a nice lump some...kinda quick, I think. And I even hit most of the fun parts, well at least the ones I can remember! Until tomorrow...

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