Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Disneyland in a nut shell...

So I thought I could talk about DL for more then I couple of days but now that the holiday speed by me I'm over the DL until it's time to scrap it! LOL. And I just took a look and I shared most of my fave pictures! And soon enough (I hope) I'll be sharing the layouts!

So onto the next event...

Reed and I went to Cali as I said in the last post and we had a BLAST! We went to Simi Valley I had never been to that part of Cali and it's so pretty there!

We rented a car when we were at the airport and the guys hooked us up with this hot red convertible Mustang baby! As we were driving to meet Reed's co workers I heard on the radio that Tori Spelling was having a yard sale. It's been all over the media so I'm sure some of you heard about it. Well me being the NERD that I am insisted that we had nothing better to do and I REALLY REALLY (in my best little girl voice) wanted to go. So we get there and the line is LONG. So I had Reed go get some food and MONEY! While I waited. We ended up waiting for a total of 2 hours, met some awesome ppl had some great laughs and then met TS! OMG so fun going through all her stuff or things she bought to pretend was hers (who knows) and then to talk to her. It was fun! I got some good cheap stuff for family and me! You weren't allowed to bring camera's even your phones inside so this is me outside the house. Then was the work holiday dinner which was a blast and we had some amazing food! But I'm a true nerd and didn't take one picture! UGH! We totally dressed up and everything! Bummer! Oh well!

When we woke up the next day we decided to go to Hollywood Blvd and then we were planned to go to Rodeo but we got lost! LOL! Walking down Hollywood Blvd was fun, but so not what I expected. But I'll leave those comments for the layout! HA HA! Here's a pic of Reed and I in front of the Kodak theatre but not of the theatre. LOL.

Over all we had an amazing time! So happy to have that couple of days alone with my hubby! Love ya Baby!

I had never taken photos from the plane before (which duh you're not allowed too!) Opps, but no one has to know right! Just loved this shot!


shannon said...

so didn't know you couldn't take pics from a plane. rut roh!
and way cool on the tori spelling yard sale. i would have gone too!

Kache said...

I can't believe you went to Tori Spelling's yard sale, I'm cracking up! And I didn't know about the plane pictures either.

Brandy said...

Dude, TS's yardsale?! There is a jealous part of me wanting to go crazy!