Sunday, July 15, 2007

Yet, another tag...

these are some fun if you haven't done them yet consider yourself TAGGED!

What were you doing ten years ago?
It was probably one of the best summer's of my teen age years...out of high school, away from everyone I didn't want to hang out with. Hanging out with people only I wanted to hang with, it was awesome. There was just a few of us maybe 8 maybe 10 we were together almost everyday for about 2 months, just being kids out of school. Not caring about college or our parents, just having fun. Not bad fun either, it was cool. Sad part is I only talk to 2 of those people, but that really doesn't make me sad, people grow apart go different ways in life and that's that. I'm just happy that I had the time(s) we did together.

Five snacks you enjoy:

popcorn ,m&ms & tabasco (yup all mixed up)
ice cream
chip & salsa
tortillas with butter
a nice cold brewskie (is that a snack?)

Five songs you know all the lyrics to:

TLC, No Scrubs
Trisha Yearwood, She's in Love with the Boy
Lisa Loeb, I Do
And Lots from Mr. Hotness himself, John Mayer of course!

Things you would do if you were a millionaire:
I would pay off all debt, of ours and my dad's. Buy us a FAT A$$ house with everything I could ever dream of, in the best neighborhood in Tucson. Set money aside for the girls of course. And then I would love to go back to school, so I would need to have someone come in and cook meals for the family so I didn't have to waste time with that. OR if we had lots of millions, I'd tell Reed to quit his job and we'd send him to the BEST culinary school EVER. And we'd have to go with him of course b/c it would probably be in Europe somewhere or NYC so we'd need FAT house there too. And then I would hope I would do something awesome for others, like Brandy, I would love to do something for young girls...along the same lines as planned parenthood or something. Or maybe do a lot of habitat for hunanity, think that's an awesome program as well. So that's what I would do.

Five bad habits:
I leave water cups everywhere!
I watch WAY too much TV
I don't know when to stop eating (lovely huh)
I spend way too much time on my computer
I always have to talk on the phone while I drive, gotta stop that I know!

Five things you like to do:
hang out the couch with Reed (when he's home)
chat with reed (when he's not home)
go on date's with reed (do you think I miss him)
watch movies and play board games with the girls.

Things you will never wear again:
those horrible shirt tie holder things, you know they were a circle and a bar in the middle and you tucked the corner of your shirt in the circle, i know you know what i'm talking about.
jeans with the bottomes folded over and up. you know what i mean.
jellies shoes...yuck, saw some in the store a few weeks ago...ewwww

Things I love to wear:
Flip Flops
my black gauchos
jeans and comfy cute sweaters in the winter
my big hair clip

Now don't forget you're IT!


Heather said...

omg cracking up at the never wear again list! rofl! and m&m's and tabasco?!? hmm...

shannon said...

pinch rolls and jelly shoes. totally think you need to dress up as a chick from the 80s for halloween! ;o)

Kache said...

That tobasco thing gets me every time.

I like what you would do with your millions.