Thursday, February 14, 2008

The joy of young love...

after I last posted I mentioned I was going to help out in Rylee's class. I got to take two kids in the hall and play a "memory" game with them using their spelling words. When it came time for Rylee to come out with me I let her pick her partner and she picked Jordan or as she calls him "jordy!" all sweet and cute like. She was so funny while we were out there she was ALL smilies and giggles it was so cute. Last year she had a crush on this little boy Niko and this new crush is totally different she was to have a playdate with Jordy, she sits by him at lunch, it's crazy! She's 6!!!

So today Reed goes in to read to the class and Jordy comes up to Reed as says "Can Rylee and I have a playdate?" oh boy! I just don't know about these boy/girl playdates!

Another day this week when I was helping in the class Mrs.Hardt was moving the desks around b/c she does this like every week. Rylee and her friend Courtney were helping move the desks Mrs Hardt let them each got to pick one person to sit by so of course Rylee picks Jordy and Courtney picks a girl. (lucky brenda!) So while this is happening Mrs. Hardt is telling me that this is a love triangle Rylee and Jordy are in!!! WHAT! Again she's 6! I really pray this does not end in that drama at such a young age!!! Awww...the joy of YOUNG love!

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