Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Horrible Night

It took me almost 2 hours to get these girls to fall asleep last night. I finally fall alseep around 11pm and of course Neely decides to wake up at 12 something! OMGish and she won't go back to sleep so I bring her to bed with me and of course she doesn't fall asleep. So I put her back in her playpen at 1:18am and she goes to sleep! WOO HOO! NOT! Wakes up yet again at 3:24! Are you kidding me? Again I bring her to bed with me and the same story!!! I can't believe this. I tried again to put her back to her crib and she wasn't having that. I'm trying to be nice b/c of all the other hotelguests or else I would have just let her screem to sleep! But I can't do that so she finally crashes we me until about 7:20. It was awful! Okay I'm done!

Today she be a fun day we're headed over to my grandparents house to hang out with my dad and it's so pretty up here so I plan to take TONS of pics with my new camera! Can't wait better get in the shower!

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Jill said...

Gotta love traveling with a little one. They are SO unpredictable! Be sure to share your pictures and I'm glad you get time to hang out with your dad. :-)