Monday, August 08, 2005

I am so bad about this BLOG thing!

LOL! I need to get better!

So most of you know I took the girls to Pinetop today! Oh boy was that a fun drive! It's 4 hours from my door to the welcome sign in Show Low! Pretty much they were great, except for my little chatter box Rylee! She brings her game boy, coloring books, bookd on CDs and her leap pad but somehow she manages to CHAT the entire time!!! LMAO! Really it wasn't that bad, but when you're trying to just drive and think you just wanna say SHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! But I don't, I just listen and reply as needed! Neely did take a nap which is always a plus!

We checked into our hotel got all settled then my dad came over and hung out for awhile. Then we went to this very yummy resturant called Charlie Clarks, ymmm it was good!!!

Now we're back and they are going NUTS in this hotel room! They are so overly tired but of course will not go to sleep! Kids! So I sit here so happy that this hotel room has internet access and just wanted to read my new photoshop book but thats not really working since i have to use my laptop screen to read the book! Maybe I should just go to sleep! Yeah right!

Oh yeah and the WW thing isn't going so great, what's a girl to do. I guess just keep trying!

Talk to you next time!

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