Thursday, August 04, 2005

Not going so good anymore!

Uggh! Well I lost 4 lbs and now it's back again! OMGish this is not easy! Oh man I know Reed's going to read this, and he doesn't know yet. But baby i'm not giving up! And i'm still walking everyday! Thanks for believing in my baby!

I have to kids and they eat yummy snacks and i'm human I like yummy snacks!!! Once again I'm not giving up!

This morning has been pretty good, coffee, tortilla a butter (bad choice I know) and some fruit. Should hold me over until lunch.

Today Rylee wants to scrap all day! Surprise, she always does. But first we're going to make a sun and flower craft and then it should be lunch time and Neely's naptime and then scrap time for Rylee and Momma!

See you later!


Julie said...

Bre you are too funny

Jill said...

I want to see what Rylee creates!