Monday, January 16, 2006

Good weekend

first entry

cover of album
Overall it was a great weekend! Friday we hung out and did nothing, Reed worked on his computer and I scrapped, no surprise there! My scrapping goal are easily coming along, not too sure if I'll be able to scrap as much as I have been so far this year, but at least I have a great start! Saturday we cleaned up around the house, I started exercising again. Going to really to it this time. I ran a mile to get the blood pumping and then I did the Firm video. I really do love that video, it's so fun! Hard but fun. The puppies had their first shots Saturday afternoon along with a check up and everything with them looks great! WOO HOO! Healthy pups! Saturday night I scrapped more while Reed finished up on his computer then we hung out and watched Red Eye. Just my opinion but I thought is was stupid, wanted it to be better I love that chick! Sunday, couldn't believe it Reed let me sleep in! WOO HOO! Anyone who knows Reed knows sleeping is his vice, has to have it or else! LOL! Well it was his turn to get up with the pups and instead of dealing with them and coming back to bed, he handled our girls too! I was so excited when I woke up and it was 10:30! This doesn't EVER happen for me and let me tell you I loved every bit of it! So the rest of the day was playing games with Rylee, taking care and cuddling poor sick Neely and playing with the pups. Then last night I came in here and decided if I was really going to pull off this losing weight I needed something to keep track, so what did I do. I made an album! LOL! I hope to make a new page entry every week with progress.

Well time to start the day!

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