Wednesday, January 25, 2006


WOO HOO we got curtains for the family room and scraproom/office! Two rooms is better then none! We've been in the house for almost 4 months, so it's about time! LOL!

You may have noticed I changed the scraproom name to /office, well Reed's working from home now!!! This is a GREAT thing! So he set up his space this weekend. It's a little cramped, but it's so good to have him home all the time and the girls and puppies LOVE it.

The workouts and eating right is still going pretty good 7 lbs down! Lately I've been pretty tired I have no idea why and NO I'm not pregnant! LOL! So it's been a little tough to get in those workouts and the puppies are making it a little difficult, they just want to be where ever you are no matter what you're doing! That's puppies I guess!

Well off to get ready for the day!

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