Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Okay let's try these pics one more time...

Me, Lisa, Lena & Nina
Tim Holtz...like you didn't know that!
Me and Tim...he's a riot!
Lisa & I in the alterations class.
Elise is seriously the cutest chick EVER!!!
Ali ROCKS!!!
Graduation night BABY!!!
ALL MY FREE GOODIES...they were seriously throwing stuff at you everywhere!!! It was AWESOME!!! Oh and a bit of that stuff is from my secret sisters and the FREESTYLE book was a gift from my girl...LISA!!! Yes she ROCKS!!!
The 'few' goodies I bought. Except for the CZ sequel book, forgot to put in there.


KJ said...

It looks like you had a ball!!! Tell me what you think about the CZ sequel. I'm thinkin' I need it.

Trish said...

I'm green with envy! So glad you had a great time! Love the pics.


Brandy said...

For how much you pay, you better walk away with some loot. And Breana, "few goodies?" Who do you think you are talking to? Just say "here's where I broke the bank." We won't judge.

shannon said...

loving the loot!

Kara Jones said...

it looks like you had such a great time. Great photos.

Jaime said...

Oh I'm so jealous! I wanna go!!!

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