Thursday, March 15, 2007

So FREAKING happy!!!

He's coming home tonight!

SERIOUSLY I'm so excited I feel like a little school girl! It's kinda funny! But I don't care b/c I LOVE hime & just miss him and can't wait to KISS him!!! Sorry, but it's true!!! I still have to clean up the house a bit, but not much & I plan on getting all pretty pretty and wearing jeans and some cute heels he loves! I know what a DORK right?!

Then we're going to go over to my cousin's Scott & Janelle's house...Little Grant's parents to hang out with Janelle's sis before she leaves tomorrow! SHould be a nice chill night! And my hubby will be there!!! I'm so going to take a bunch of cheesy pics of Reed & I tonight!

Off to get my rear in gear!

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Lisa said...

Yay yay yay!!