Tuesday, March 13, 2007

I can't believe it's March!

Okay so I'm 13th day's late but this is a crazy month. Baby Grant just turned one! OMGOSH I can't believe how cute he is! And big OMGOSH!!! It's crazy a entire year has gone by! Needless to say we had a weekend full of fun celebrating this little man! Own of our cousin's from Cali came into town and she has two little guys the girls age so we had a BLAST and so did they! But with all that fun happening of course something bad had to happen...okay not that bad. Sounded a bit worse. But Neely started acting a bit crabby Sunday night and Monday AND today so we went to the doctor and she now as a ear infection! FUN! My poor baby! Luckily we got it quick and she's already feeling better! YAY! We've been cooped up in this house since Sunday and I'm about to so CRAZY!!! Hopefully we can head to the park for a bit in the AM and relax in the nice cool sun for awhile before it gets 90 at noon!

Which brings we to that! What is that! It's March not May!!! And we're already at 90?! I'm so scared for the summer!

So now i'm going to post some fun photos of the little man who turned ONE! And lastly I wanted to say HI to my Reed! I LOVE you and MISS you SO SO SO much baby!!! Can't wait for you to come home!!! I love you!!!

Okay enough of that...onto the pics!

I don't know what's going on but in 2 different thingys'(that's the tech term) ;) I mean in Safari & Firefox neither are letting me upload photos! UGH!!! Any help would be appreciated! THX!


Di Hickman said...

whoohooo! about time you updated! Sometimes blogger melts down and won't let me upload pics either, just try later?

Heather said...

sometimes they're just screwy and don't let you update- I'd just try again later. Can't wait to see pics!

shannon said...

yeah, sometimes you just hafta try at a different time! hope it works soon!