Tuesday, June 13, 2006

I'm a BAD blogger...

to all my BLOGGER friends...so sorry i've been HORRIBLE about checking all your BLOGS this last week! I've peeked at a few and go to post and someone needs something or I think of something to do from CKU and then I forget. So I apoligize! After CKU I will be better! PROMISE! LOL!

So not much has been going on around here, except stressin about CKU and making sure i'm prepared! I'm SO freaking excited about this trip you have NO idea! I'm a littler nervous too b/c i'm leaving my family for a whole 5 days but at the same time i'm SO EXCITED!!! Momma deszerves a break too right???

So instead of posting more aboutl ife issues i'm taking the TTS blogger challenge and posting 10 things about ME! So here goes...

1. I LOVE bring a mom, sure I get SO frustrated and stressed out but I wouldn't change being a mom for anything!!!

2. I LOVE MY HUBBY! DUH, who doesn't right! And I LOVE how we met! We met about 8 years ago at a bar in Nogales, AZ called Senor Amigos! We met, I swear we knew we were it...suppose to be together...how cheesy I know!!! But i don't care!!! And we've been together ever since!!! I love you baby!!!

3. I want to be a nurse. Many of you probably don't even know that...actaully i'm not sure Lisa even know's that and she's my best friend...sorry girl! ;) As soon as Neely goes to Kindergarden I'm going to start the program at the community college here! Can't wait!

4. I eat drink and live scrapbooking! I love it! Everything about it, I love going to malls, grocery stores...anywhere and looking for cool ads, color combos or picture ideas! I LOVE this hobby and ALL the amazing chicks i've met!!!

5. I freak out if my camera is NOT in my purse! I feel naked if i don't have it will me! I just love to be able to capture those crazy moments or weird things you don't see very often and of course those classic things my crazy girls do! So for example here's something VERY interesting I saw on my way home from Chandler one day...

6.. I have this issue with my weight...again who doesn't. I know i'm about 30lbs over weight but then I still eat that whatever. I exersice and sometimes eat really good, but sometimes don't. I have this battle with food and HATE it! I wish I was like Reed and just didn't care about food, but I LOVE it and honestly it sucks!!! The good thing is I'm happy with me. I know I need to lose those lbs and I know one days I WILL!!!

now jsut some little facts about me...

7. When I get into bed at night i HAVE to put lotion on my hands & feet before I lay down!

8. I'm addicted to popcron, M&M's and tabasco sauce...yes all mixed in together!

9. I hate to brush my teeth before I drink my coffee...it taster funny! YUCK!

10. I'm addicted to Diner Dash 2...i know i'm a dork! LOL! I can't help it, I saw the ad for it in a magazine (can't remember which one) I did the free trail, bought it and now i'm hooked!!! And it's hard! But I love it!!!

Okay So enough of that! Have a great day!!!


Susan Blanton said...

Wow 5 days, you so deserve it. I know as a fellow SAHM! Hope you totally enjoy your time.
M&M's, popcorn and tabasco, HMMM, never heard of that one. LOL
I don't like brushing my teeth before coffee either.

shannon said...

hope you have a great time at cku. i totally understand the chaos bit. sometimes days/weeks are just busier than others.
and woohoo on the nursing girlie. the world can always use a few more good ones. i can be your long distance tutor if needed! ;)

KJ said...

I'm so excited for you going to CKU!! Have fun! Good for you wanting to go back and get your nursing degree! What is that, a pink house? And, my girls love the Diner Dash, too!

Kache said...

Have a great time at CKU!
Never heard of Diner Dash, let alone Diner Dash 2 :)
I have to put on lotion before bed too!

Brandy said...

Thanks for sharing all that, I think I can relate to more than a few of those