Sunday, June 04, 2006

Matt & Laurel's Wedding weekend!

So I went up to Flagstaff, AZ with the girls on Friday and I was TOTALLY looking forward to the wedding and seeing everyone BUT I was so not looking forward to being a "single" mom! Well all I can say about that is my family ROCKS!!! Nana and Aunt Mary watched ALL the little ones so all of us crazy people could go party and boy did we party!!! It was the night of the rehearsal dinner and the place was so COOL! Up stairs was this totally chill bar with an amazing balcony. (We'll talk more about the balcony later) It was a BLAST! It sucked that Reed wasn't there though. :( We danced, drank...and laughed SO HARD!!! It was fantastic!!! Okay so yes the night was perfect except for one little thing...while on the balcony (3 stories high) I was talking to my uncle Dave, reaching into my purse of something (can't even remember what now) well my purse has this pocket on the outside and as I go to get whatever it was and something VERY precious to me grew a life/wings and jumped out of the pocket and dropped 3 STORIES! My camera!!! Yup the one I just got not even 2 months ago!!! 3 STORIES!!! I freaked out ran down the stairs and it was in tack but totally needed help. :(
Saturday was the day of the actual wedding so before it started we all hung out and talked, took cat naps with 5 girls on the bed, watched Anissa do all the little girls hair! It was too fun! Another fantastic thing that happened that morning was Terrence fixed my camera!!! He took out the little screws and popped that bad boy back together and VOILA! AND IT WORKS!!! Can you belief that! I LOVE SONY!!! So writing them a letter/email to tell them THEY ROCK!!! So the wedding...WOW! Amazing! The spot they choose was so beautiful! When we 'watched' them get married behind them was trees, mountains...breath taking! It was the sweetest ceremony I have ever seen! I'm so happy for the 2 of them!
Today Matt & Laurel hosted a brunch for everyone that came to the wedding, it was at the same awesome spot as the rehearsal dinner we enjoyed yummy bloody mary's and chit chat and then it was off to the road again! So we're driving I'm following Deb & T and we're doing about 85 maybe a bit more just cruising along with traffic, Rylee starts freaking out b/c her ears are popping so I'm trying to comfort her from the front seat without waking Neely and I notice Terrence get over into the right lane...hmm weird I thought oh well I keep on keeping on...well now I know why T got over...COP!!! Dang it! What a way to start the 5 hour drive! We weren't even 50 miles out of Flagstaff and I got a ticket!!! UGH!!! The rest of the drive was great though, girls were awesome! Love them! And the best news is we're home now!!!

So one more quick thing, Heather i'm stealing your idea hope ya don't mind. My camera need's a name b/c this girl is TOUGH and after all that she needs a name... I suck at this so any ideas???


Kache said...

Sorry about the cop! That's gotta suck. But the weekend sounds fun and you're right that view at their ceremony is awesome!

shannon said...

sounds like a fun weekend.
i think your camera needs a bad girl name. i mean, she did run away and all! ;)