Monday, July 18, 2005

Day 4 - Monday again!

Well it's been a day since I posted b/c Saturday night. Holy Moly party city!!! We had a blast! I still tried to eat good and not totally over indulge but I probably ate more then I should have. But it's a new day!

Yesterday was pretty good too, to tired and hurting to really want to eat anything and I wasn't going to workout on Sunday anyways so no biggie there.

So on to today...
I'm still tired, but I'm up had my 3 point cereal and am now having a cup of coffee (another 3 points) LOVE my creamer!

Monday's here are also cleaning day so it will be a busy one for us. I plan to workout after I have cleaned the bathrooms and the floors. SO hopefully that still works out!

Total = 6 points

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