Friday, July 15, 2005

The day is about over!

Reed made dinner tonight and that was wonderful b/c I got a break!!! Woo Hoo!

We had chicken and stuffing BUT I had a chicken breast NO stuffing (4 points), green beans
( 0 points) and a slice of toast (1 point).

Total = 5 point dinner! Not too bad! Sor far it's 9pm and i'm doing great!

Oh and i did have a snack this afternoon too, but just carrot sticks! again zero points! Man why did I ever quit WW again? LOL!

Okay but I must admit it is Friday and I have had a few Corona's BUT they are LIGHT! BUT still 2 points each. And i've had 4 so that's 8 points! YIKES!

So really my total is 13 points WHICH means I went over!!! Ahhh!

It's cool though it's friday! LOL!

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