Thursday, May 18, 2006

Where did the day go???

I can't believe it's 10pm and I'm just now getting to my BLOG! UGH! Today was a good day, but VERY busy. Neely is doing AWESOME with the PT. She only had one accident at the house and then we went to Kohls, she went there and then I didn't hurry fast enough to get here there in time the 2nd time. But while at home, she went by herself. She ROCKS!

I started 'swapping' out the brads...WOWSA...Confusing a bit! LOL! So glad I decided to do it while Neely was napping, could you imagine? YIKES, lets not go there! LOL!

So today's BLOG challenge is...Do you excerise? And if so what do you do, and if not why and what would motivate you to do so.

My first reaction, are you really asking me this. Do you know something? LOL! Yes I do, has it been regular lately...NOPE! Two weeks ago I started walking at a near by park, I would go before the girls woke up, while Reed was home of course. And then Neely decided to wake up before me...GO BACK TO BED!!! LOL! So my goal is to just start my Firm tapes again, since I can't walk with them...too long. Hopefully Neely will go back to waking up around 7:30 instead of 5:45! And I like my Firm tapes so no big deal!

Well I'm about to pass out...nite all!


Kache said...

Way to go on the walking/exercise Bre!

Um, I haven't exercised lately. What would make me do it consistently? If I could be guaranteed to stay at a particular comfortable weight while still being able to eat whatever I wanted....then I would exercise :)

KJ said...

Oh, Krystn, you like read my mind, girl! Woohoo, looks like we'll be gettin' the brads soon! *doin' the happy brad dance!*

shannon said...

brad swapping, so confused me. glad to know i'm not alone!
and good job on the exercising!

Jaime said...

Can't wait to get these brads! WTG on the excercising. Something I need to get back into!!

It's Just me...Crazy "T" said...

Hey there.. left a comment on your last one but, wanted to pop in and say hi here too..
T from TTS

Susan Blanton said...

Hi, it's Susan from Treasures.
Just wanted to stop in and say Hi.
Exercise, does chasing two kids around count.